Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peter Pointer

Deqlan is pointing - this is a massive deal. Children on the autism spectrum dont point as they dont understand the concept of joint attention...well my friends, Deqlans doing it !!

The material of choice is his Pampers Play and Learn DVD cover and a car magazine advertising Subaru cars . What he would normally do is take our finger and use it to point to what he wanted us to say . Dada turned it around last night and used Deqlans finger to point to things. Just like that , Deqlan took off on his own and pointed to Elie the Elephant, then looked up and waited for us to say the words, Elie the elephant. Then he moved onto Geoff the giraffe and Lesedi the Lion as well as the logo for the Subaru cars - we are ecstatic at this new development and look forward to helping Deqlan to generalise and continue understanding the concept of pointing and most importantly joint attention

You remember a few days ago, i told you how much we disliked Candida - well Deqlan hasnt had carob for 4 days and we think he is back on track - although he is still lining things up and colour co ordinating - the frustration seems less, he is back to his lovable , adorable self and he just seems calmer

So i am using all the creative power i have to create sugar free, everything free cupcakes for Deqlans birthday next Friday and for his party on Saturday - someone just gave me a great idea to use pear puree to sweeten the muffins, its safe and Deqlan loves pear juice so hoping it will be a winner!

I have also been brushing Deqlans body and doing compressions which i think is also helping - these methods help to stimulate or calm down and make Deqlan aware of his body

Another great excercise has been Deqlan and Keaton in the jacuzzi with grandpa this week -they both LOVE it and all three boys, Grandpa included have many laughs and splashes - both Keaton and Deqlan are alot more confident in the water now and seem to be a little bit more careful then last summer. My heart still stops when Deqlan swallows some water or his face or even entire head go under the water ....mmm...but he knows to bring his head up, clever boy!

Another gorgeous act Deqlan is performing at the moment is 'dancing'. For those of you in South Africa, you know that Vodacom ad where the guys dances to "all the single ladies" - Deqlans face beams with a smile, he runs to the tv and bounces up and down , side to side, definitely dancing to the ad - how adorable, i hope i can have my video camera ready to record next time it comes on - so difficult to know when as its an ad!!!

New words

Although Deqlans words arent always crystal clear - they are to us - we know exactly what he is saying and he tries so so hard to repeat the word exactly as we have said it - all in good time and practise my boy!! You are doing amazing and we are so proud of you!

Have a lovely day everyone! God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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