Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deqlans Birthday morning & trip to the zoo

There were 3 in the bed...
Loggie came this weekend for Deqlans Birthday and Deqlan insisted we all get tucked in by him, into Logans new Hannah Montana bed!

Loggie giving Deqlan his birthday presie, Thomas and friends puzzle!

My mom has this pack of cards with a lot of sayings and on friday Deqlan decided to choose and chew this one, I ALWAYS CHOODE WHAT IS BEST FOR ME! We just smiled and agreed..
Nanna and the birthday boy, Nanna had a bad virus last week and wasnt well enough to come with to the zoo, but we still got to see her and she got to spend some time with the birthday boy on his special day

Our Beautiful 3 year old enjoying the zoo!
Getting tired, it was a loonnngg morning and snuggling with Dad is the best place to be
Me and my gorgeous birthday boy in his zoo outfit, one of the gifts from Grandpa and Nanna
Looking for the bears!
keaton and deqlan looking for the seal - the seal was definitely Deqlans favorite!
Our chauffeur for the morning, Dada
Yay water and seals!
The baby hippo snuggling up to his mommy
Keaton beaton in his safari outfit, he looked to cute, his favorite was definitely the elephants
One of the gifts from grandpa and Nanna, Deqlans favorite gift ever, i would say - the L3 landrover. it came everywhere with us , even the zoo. Deqlan continues to carry it around every single day and we even sleep with it in the bed! He LOVES it! He has had his eye on it for many many months, and couldnt believe his eyes to to actually take it out the package for him to play with!

Meggie and Keaton
Keaton, trying to start Thomas with my car keys, oh boy did we laugh!!
I cant believe its actually mine!!!
Deqlans reaction when he saw the car for the first time, he dropped everything and ran to see it!
One of the gorgeous gifts from Conrad, Meggie and Keaton, real crocs, with Thomas and Percy, James and Harold - they are the cutest i have ever seen, thank you so so much!
Another gift Meggy had made, a Thomas jersey, so beautiful!
Deqlan with some of his Thomas gifts from Dada and Mama, he didnt know what to play with first!
Deqlan was very pleased to see i had the right colours for him to line up!
The birthday table with sparklers and all!
The everything free cup cakes i made Deqlan, decorated with orly whip, which is also everything free- I thought they came out quite nicely but Deqlan wasnt to fond of them...shame..at least he liked the train candles and sparklers and blew the candles out himself, that in itself a great gift and achievement, thanks to Nanna's love and hard work!
The tribute i made for Deqlans 3rd Birthday

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