Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayers for these warriors

Hello Deqlans Prayer Army

Need to ask you for your prayers for some very special warriors who are fighting really hard at the moment

1) Connor Gerber - Connor's latest scans a few months ago revealed neuroblastoma progression. He has started new chemo and is having a tough time dealing with the side effects and especially with not being able to go to school and seeing his friends. Please pray that they upcoming scans he will have will show a great improvement and that he starts to feel better,and is able to see all his friends again. Please also pray for his mommy Tania who is with him every second of the day and has two other gorgeous boys to look after. I know they will appreciate your prayers and support

2) Christian Nes Smith - is fighting relapsed neuroblastoma, her and her family took the unbelievably hard decision for her to go home and stop treatment. Christian is really not feeling well at the moment, is very tired and not eating. She could really use our prayers for peace and comfort and to be pain free. Her amazing family is walking such a close work with Our Lord through this very hard time and i ask for you to pray very hard for them to

3) Pierce Philips - is a tiny might of just 2 years of age. He has been fighting so hard against neuroblastoma, and has now be sent home on hospice care. Please pray for him to be pain free, for their to many laughs and memories with his heartbroken family, for Our Lord to take care of them all

4) Baby Reef- fighting leukimia - has just had his stem cell transplant and is very very weak, his mommy says, he is just managing to hang on. This tiny tot is not even 1 yet and has had just a hard fight - please pray that his body can heal and strengthen through this stem cell transplant and that cancer never ever returns to his beautiful body. Please pray for his family and his mommy who hasnt left his side.

As always, please continue to pray for all our friends around the world, please pray for their healing and comfort. God Bless, thank you , love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


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