Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling Mom!

Our Darling Mom & Nanna,

Happy Happy Birthday to the most cherished and precious Mom & Nanna we could ever have been blessed with!

We wish you a day and year ahead of everything that you give to us – unconditional love, happiness, laughter, health, joy!
Thank you Darling Mom, for everything and each little thing you do for us. I know of no one else who puts their family first every single moment of every single day- no matter how tired or ill or busy you are – you always put us first. You always make sure that we are taken care of .

Mom, we need to do so so much more for you- you continue to hold us all together, motivating us, helping us, sharing your love and laughter and just pure sunshine with your smile.

We are so blessed to have you as our Mom, Nanna and friend and we treasure you and we adore you.

We truly believe that YOU are our guardian angel here on earth. Thank you for everything you do for us, the time and love and effort you so lovingly put into making sure we have all we need.

Mom the bond w share is incredible and priceless and I thank God for that each and every single day

We cant thank you enough for what you do for us, but especially for our precious Deqlan. You are pulling Deqlan through the window, we see it everyday! We are so blessed that you are the one that is helping Deqlan reach his full potential and for this, we couldn’t thank you enough.

You are the star that brings us back when we are lost and don’t know which way to go. You are the arms that hug us when we need comforting. You are the sunshine that beams when you are happy with us or each time you look at Deqlan and Keaton and Logan. You are the most amazing example of how God wants us to live, to be humble and honest and true and focus on whats important and leave the rest behind.

Mom, we hope that we can help you, in all that you need help with, We hope that we can show you how much we love and treasure you, we hope you know that you are loved and adored and looked up to in so many ways

May God continue to bless, guide, protect you and use you as His instrument here on earth.

We are so proud of you and couldn’t love you more

God bless and Happy Birthday Darling Mom, all our love and so much more
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

I Celebrate Your Life
Mom, your birthday means so much to me;To have you in my life another year,The time I spent enfolded in your love,Each day, each moment with you is so dear.
I cherish the very special bond we have.You lift my spirit in so many ways.I celebrate your life; I honor you,And send to you my love and care and praise.
By Joanna Fuchs

A Mother Like I Want to Be
Each year I’m extra happy on your birthday;Your day reminds me of God’s gift to me--A mom who gave her all to raise me right,A mother like the one I want to be.

The Most Special Day
Mom, Mom, your birthday isthe most special day of the year,because without you I wouldn’t havethe all encompassing comfortof a mother’s unconditional love…your love, for me.You are always there for me, Mom.Whenever I need you,to cheer me up, make me smile,bolster my confidence,or sympathize with me and ease my worries,you fill up my empty, hurting placeswith your boundless affection.Your loving presence in my lifegives me a reassuring feelingof security and peace.Thank you, Mom,and Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bev,
Wishing you a very happy birthday,and hope you have a special day.
God s richest blessings for you.
Lots of love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Bev

Happy, happy birthday. We hope you have a stunning day, and get spoilt rotten with all your beautiful family around you.

God bless you xxx

Love Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxx

Nanna and Grandpa said...

My precious Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan,

Thank you for the beautiful birthday gifts and treats, wonderful memories, and for a very memorable birthday celebration showered upon me with such great love, respect and honour. But the best gifts of all are those in the form of you all - my beautiful Samm and her gentle, dignified strength and wisdom, my handsome and kind Mark, my adorable, precious hero Deqlan and my little tom-boy lady-to-be Logan. I thank my great God every day of my life for the treasured gifts of you as my family. I am blessed to abundance by my Great God. I am privileged and honoured beyond description. I pray I always remain worthy of your love, devotion, respect and admiration.
The accolades which you shower upon me, not only in every blog and my birthday blog yesterday (which had me in tears), but daily, are embraced with great joy and humility. There are times when I feel I do not deserve them at all.

Thank you for giving me yet another precious memory for my "Book of Memories".

I love you immeasurably and unconditionally. May God bless you as only He can in every area of your lives and may you always know the love I have for you is beyond description.

All my love,

Mom/Bev and Nanna