Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Meggie takign Keaton into his first day at 'school'
pink, yello, green and blue

Red, yellow, green and blue..

Keaton and Logan enjoying their sweets at the picnic
Dada's boy
Deqlan and Logan throwing stones and sand, Deqlan couldnt have been happier...

Our picnic spot at Lisas birthday
Me and my monkeys
The picnic in full swing
Beautiful Cole, isnt he gorgeous?
Beautiful Logan
Look at this face!
Deqlan and Logan, together in one photo!! Both looking at the camera at the same time? priceless!

The feet of a boy who had a ball in the mud
Strike a pose!
Mr Kai enjoying the picnic
Best buddies
Deqlan of the jungle
All three kids in one photo - is there a word more meaningful then priceless - Deqlan enjoying his treat of Macdonalds fries with his sis and cousin
Deqlan pre very upset Saturday afternoon in his gorgeous new outfit from Neil, Jelenka, Gianna and Mila - thanks guys dont you think he looks to cute?

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