Friday, September 18, 2009


Another very hard story to write and one that i cant do much justice to with my own words.

Although its childhood cancer awareness month, i had to write about this amazing lady Yolande, who passed away in the beginning of this year after fighting cancer of the uterus.

Yolande discovered the world of cancer very early in her life - her little boy was diagnosed with nephroblastoma, cancer of the kidneys, and sadly passed away at only 2 years of age.

Yolande bravely joined CHOC, the childhood cancer association of South Africa , wanting to make a difference and help other families and children fighting cancer.

Yolande then was blessed with another beautiful daughter, Miluska. Because of their experience with her son , they did regular check ups with Miluska, and in 2007 they found that Miluska also had nephroblastoma. The tumor was removed and it was decided that they would not give chemotherapy and take a wait and watch approach. Praise Our Lord to this day, Miluska continues to do well and has no evidence of nephroblastoma.

We met Yolande when Deqlan was in icu at Kloof hospital recovering from all the botched surgeries. She brought her friendly smile and positive attitude on a day where we needed it most- i cried so much that specific day and she managed to calm me down and put some light into the situation we were facing. Her famous words, to me and to so many others 'THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE' i will never ever forget that .

She comforted so many, she was so eager for us to get involved and help, she was always so grateful. We loved helping her. She loved helping others. She found such a special place in our families hearts , and she will always remain there.

Late 2007 Yolande was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus - we were all shocked and astounded. Yolande went through chemo and had a hysterectomy and went into remission. A few short months later at a routine check up, scans found the cancer had returned to her lungs and liver. Yolande was back in the fight again, but eventually the chemo stopped working.

Yolande was very strict with a diet and medications that a homeopath suggested for her and actually did so well and felt on top of the world for many months .

She sadly took a turn for the worse in January this year,on went home to Our Heavenly Father on 20 Feb 2009.

She leaves behind her husband, 13 year old daughter and little Miluska - i know how proud they are of their Mommy.

Please pray for Yolande and for her amazing family that love her so much, we will never forget you Dear friend.

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