Friday, September 11, 2009


Deqlans Birthday message according to the bible ( thank you Dear Sam )

Proverbs 9:11 NIV
For through me your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.

To our beautiful gift from God, Deqlan Ross

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday beautiful boy and many many more!

We know you are going to have a wonderful celebration today and tomorrow doing all the things you love to do best!

There is no gift we could give you that equals the gift you are to us. There is not enough words to describe our love for you. You are our light, our love, our universe our everything.
Each time we look at you , see your smile, feel your little hands on our skin, hear your laughter and first words , smell your baby soft hair and skin, taste the kisses you so lovingly give us- our hearts swell with pride and pure joy and love for you.

We thank God each and every single day for the amazing and best gift He could have ever given us in the form of you, our beautiful Deqlan Ross.

You are our hero, our inspiration, our reason for everything we do and plan and look forward to...and wow is there so much to look forward to our gorgeous boy.

Always know how much we love you and treasure you & would do anything for your happiness & health.

Know that birthdays are not only about the presents and balloons, to us they are days of celebrating the gifts God has given us and our boy, the greatest gift God has given you is your health and your improvement every single day, every single moment. Its about the gift of family and friends that love you, and boy do you have an army of people around the world who adore you!

Never change who you are. Always keep your fighting spirit, your love for life. Always remember to laugh and smile and not to worry about the little things that don’t matter. Always ask Jesus to look after and guide you and keep you safe. We marvel at the things that fascinate you and wish we could all follow your example – in the stones that hop into water like frogs, the sand that becomes like fairy dust in your fingers, the way the water feels on your feet as you follow it down the road...pure joy and a delight to watch and take in.

We love everything about you ..from your scrunchy face, to your little dances for Dada and me , lining us up and putting us in the right places, hearing your giggles and hearing you count as each Hopla bunny bounces onto our tv screen. The way you jump onto the couch to snuggle with Dada as you drink your evening milk. Your little feet that find their way onto my back as you sleep and waking up looking at your beautiful face as you announce to the world that you are up saying ‘wa’.

We cant wait for every moment of every day with you. We promise to continue loving you and guiding you and protecting you and showing you the best that life has to offer and so much more.

Now, go and have the best birthday , seeing the animals at the zoo, we cant wait to see your expression as you see the real giraffe and lion and elephant that you so love. Enjoy your Thomas and friends party to the fullest with all the family and friends that love you.

May God continue to bless you, protect you, keep you free from all harm and danger and illness forever and always, we know He has already healed you totally and permanently, feel His never ending love and adoration for you, He to just wants the very best for you.We love you sugar, we love you more each moment of every day and we are so proud of you our big boy,

God Bless and all our love in the world and so much more
Dada, Mama and Logan

I found this beautiful poem and it really spoke to me about you Deqlan

To Our Darling Deqlan

God blessed us with a son who is turning three today,
every day we see His love in you, true as the purest gem.
from His all knowing heart, His very best He sends,
may He keep you always in His tender loving care.
we thank God for all you our son, we're glad for all you tend,
from a strong yet tender heart and a core that never ends.
as cute as a bug, you are so precious to hug,
a dear child who brings out the sunshine to those who are near.

when your eyes are shining brightly it is so nice to see,
that one day you will for certain become all you're meant to be,
you are to simply everyone a special little man,
who brings the kind of happiness that nothing is greater than.
everyday you bring to us all the joy that life could hold,
you're such a special little boy from the day you were born,
like teardrops on the roses kissed by the morning dew,
you're the treasure that give us pleasure in everything you do.

how adorable and loving with every morn you turn to be,
how charming and exciting as into the big world your eyes peep.
the warmth in our hearts you keep so alive,
treasured are the memories you are engraving in our book of life.
our vows we'll pledge that by your side we'll always walk,
our anchor we'll throw to keep you safe from any storm,
our love will nourish you through the path that you will take,
our promise to cherish that our bond will never break.

happy birthday to our dear son who couldn't be more loved,
we turn to God each day and night to keep you safe and sound,
we join you in your night prayers as to the guardian angel you call,
please protect and keep your light on for this cute little boy.
may God bless you our sugar pie,
especially on this day,
you are our masterpiece that only God can create.
and as the candles, your breathe will blow,
our endless wishes,
like shooting stars, your life forever will glow.

may God bless you today, tomorrow and always
in peace, in health, in happiness and in love.
All our love and so so so much more, all Gods blessings today and always!
Dada Mama and Logan


bron said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Deqlan, Happy Birthday to you!! Have a fantastic day big boy!
Lots of Hugs, kisses and love
Kobus, Bronw, Matt & Chene

Lisa Reid said...

Happy birthday Deqlan hope you have a fantastic day and we will see you tomorrow xx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Deqlan & Fam.
Been following Deqs story and I just want you to know that he is the cutest little guy I have ever "seen".
Wishing the warrior and hero a very Happy 3rd Birthday and enjoy today and everything special planned for a very special little boy.
Hip, Hip Hooray!
Lots of Hugs.
Yolandé W - Port Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Good morning to the most amazing parents we know....(Samm and Markus, that would be you....)

This is just a message to say a MASSIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Deqlan.

"Deqlan, you are such a big boy, and we wish we could be there with you to join in your celebrations.
We are so very proud of you for all you have achieved in the last year. All your new words, all your drawings, all the
things that society marked as 'unachievable'!!! Once again, you have proved them wrong, and gone on to achieve soooooo much
in such a short span of time!!! You are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are courageous, you are brave, and best of all...

We love you very, very much BIG boy! We hope you have the most amazing birthday, and enjoy all the surprises that
your Mommy, Daddy, Logie bear, Grandpa, Nana, Meggie, Conrad and Keaton have been saving up for you on your special day.

Lots of love and kisses

Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy,

Can't believe how big you are today?? Hope you have a FANTASTIC day with your loved ones and may the year ahead be filled with LOADS of MAGICAL moments, LOADS of LOVE and LOADS of HEALTH!!!

See you tomorrow:-)

Coreen & Grant

Nanna and Grandpa said...


Your beautiful presence graces me every weekday
What an honour to watch you grow & what a privilege to help you “play”
Whilst sitting together at the table, fishing with magnets, using crayons the right way
Blowing bubbles, balloons and our flutes and blowing out candles galore
Oh, how I just love it when you smile and say ”More”
Posting phonetics in your tin, we laugh at “Z”, I this do adore !
Our little joke about “Alicia Botti” that we love to share
Are amongst the tender moments I will forever treasure !
Finger painting and rolling the clay
Spreading the foam in your own special way,
Learning so quickly your colours, shapes, words and “pack away”,
You’re adorable when you begin to sing a song or to music you sway,
Building “our towers up to the sky on a cube” and threading the reels
Every time you do this, I cannot describe the happiness and pride I feel !

When we have “breaks”, you first dash for something to eat
Invariably, I can guess it’s your biscuits – they’re a sweet treat
Pointing to planes and helicopters in the sky
Or rushing to the feeding birdies who have just passed by
Drawing on paving so proudly with chalk
We practice “Turn left, Turn right” on our morning walks !
Your counting to three before you say “Go”
You run so very fast….alas…. Nanna’s too slow !!

You love the Jacuzzi with Grandpa each day
Your joyous excitement and squeals of delight
Just warm my heart – you sure have your ever so cute way !
You relish your time in the Zen garden, with the stones and sand
Walking on the bridge, and giving us those cherished “kisses in the hand”
When it is time to have your short morning sleep
You surrender so trustfully, the toys or books in your hand to keep
A great love for “Hopla”, “Towertuin” and “Thomas” you’ve shown
And for today, Grandpa has built you a Thomas train all your own,
We sing our nursery rhymes and daily we say all our prayers
Especially for God to keep you NED throughout your many, many years
Oh our beautiful Deqlan, our “Little Man of Prayer”
You are our miracle, a most valuable treasure
And our love for you is way beyond measure
Each day with you is a gift with memories to embrace
Reaching milestones, developing and learning with grace
Always nurture your dreams and nourish your visions
Ensuring God’s word commands all your decisions
You sparkle, you shine
You are a radiant, beaming light, beautiful grandson of mine !
You spread rainbows of happiness over everything in sight
You are, in essence, a cherished delight,

Watching your enormous potential unfold every day
The magnificent progress you make day by day
Is a living Testament to how blessed and special you are
Destined by God for great things, our true little hero
Our source of honourable pride, our treasure and our joy
Our extraordinary Deqlan, our darling little grandson “boy”
All our love,
Nanna and Grandpa

Loren Stow said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR DEQLAN!! I hope your year ahead is filled with lots of New Stuff, Friendships, Love & Fun Fun Fun!!!
You're a super little man Deqlan!!
Love, Loren, Darryl, Malakai and mini-man!

Nanna and Grandpa said...

To Our Darling Precious and Cherished Deqlan Ross,

Our most loving prayers and celebratory congratulations to you
As you turn the wonderful and exciting age of 3 !
God gave a precious gift to us and the world that special morn
Exactly 3 years ago - the blessed day that you were born !
Today, there are 3 bright candles on your cake
All the birthday wishes are yours to make
You are able to proudly blow them out yourself
We’ll share in praying for joy, happiness, love and first and foremost, health

It’s YOUR birthday, but WE got the gift,
A special, blessed, extraordinary and dearly loved grandson
YOU are the reason for the celebration
And it’s our honour to celebrate YOU

You’re the definition of inimitable and endearing qualities galore
With an unconquerable spirit, continue to explore
And revel in the happiness, your boundless curiosity we adore
Your passion, enthusiasm and excitement for living
Transforms into your strength, your courage, your inherent wisdom
Our adored “Little Man full of prayer”, it’s obvious to see
That one day, you will, for certain become all you are meant to be
And be all God desires You to be

Being three is such an important, exciting and special age, it is the number …………….

of sacraments you have already received: baptism, confirmation and anointing with chrism oils

of the letters in our special acronym, forever N.E.D. (our versions x3 !!)

of the words in those treasured little phrases “I LOVE YOU” and “GOD BLESS YOU”

of the persons in the Blessed Trinity: God the Father, Jesus His Son & the Holy Spirit

of the Archangels who serve and protect us: Raphael, Gabriel and Michael

of the three greatest virtues, faith, hope and love,

of three of the trains you like best on the Island of Sodor, Thomas, Henry and Percy

of your No. 3 and latest favourite actual train friend, Henry

of the number of Nanna & Grandpa’s house

And prayerfully, the last and total number of times you will have had stitches in your chin !

I'll treasure the moment in my Book Of Memories of the special moments with you this morning, opening all your presents, bopping up and down with great excitement and then watching your face as "the Landrover" was opened from its gift package and how you carried it (and the packaging) all day. Mamma says you even took it with you to the zoo ! The memory of your face and hair against the wind on the way back from collecting your party goodies is to be treasyred and for certain is one that will be "carved" eternally in my mind. You are such a beautiful toddler and today you looked "all grown up" and I verbally shared this with Mamma. Enjoy your party tomorrow - YOU'RE THE MAN - and can't wait to make some more magical and magnificent memories.
May God light, guard, rule and guide you all the days of your very long life. When I look at you, (as your new pygamas say) I know that "HERE COMES THE FUTURE !"

All our immeasurable, eternal and unconditional love,

Nanna and Grandpa

The Preister's said...

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dearest Deqlan...
happy birthday to you!!

A very happy birthday wish from Nebraska - from Charli, Harper, Chad, and I.

Your entire family has been such an inspiration to so many, our family is proud to know you and celebrate this amazing day with you!!

rhenda Elsayed said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hooray you are 3,isn't it amazing how fast our babies grow, wishing you all the best and many years to come...I pray that all of your dreams and wishes come true♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Happy BirthdayDeqlan.
Hope you have a very happy birthday.
Lots of love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy BirthdayDeqlan.
Hope you have a very happy birthday.
Lots of love Ruth xxx

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