Friday, June 26, 2009

Urgent prayers for Keagan

Hello Deqlans Prayer army

Just recieved the latest update on little Keagan and things are not looking good - please please urgently pray for Our Lords miracles to happen in this little fighter and for His mercies to flow into Keagans body and to lift his family at this very very hard time

Thank you and God Bless, love Samm


We are in desperate need for everyone to please pray for this little man. The Doctor has contacted family to please come to the hosiptal as Keagan is in a very bad state. Things are not looking good at this stage!

Please wherever you are say a little prayer for him this will only take a few moments of your time! He needs it.

Please God I pray for a miracle today that you will keep your blessed hand over him and heal my cousin's little one as he means the world to his parents and family and everyone who knows and got to know and love this special boy! I pray this is Jesus name. Amen!

Please also keep Shireen and Bokkie and my whole family in your prayers as well.

God Bless!

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