Monday, June 1, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Deqlan loving the fire place at Conrad and Meggie - he watched the flames dance from side to side and got braver and braver as we warned it was hot! Clever Uncle Conrad put this lovely bar up to stop our little monkeys getting to close.

Grandpa has taught Deqlan how to give high fives - so exciting!!!
This is the picture of a true blue bull supporter if ever there was one! Hey Keaton!
Deqlan giving Dad and Kevin hugs! Kevin brought a gorgeous little Kiwi back from New Zealand for Deqlan which he is so fond of
My boys
Dad is very proud of this pic - Deqlan in an All Black top spinning the wheels of a blue bull bike - Dads favorite teams in the world!
I caught Deqlan in a lovely pool of water and mud while Dad was trying to water the garden, Deqlan had a ball around the wall! If it wasnt winter i would have let him continue having so much fun!
Deqlan and Dad's first official drawing together - Deqlan was never really interested in holding the pens and drawing , but as you can see, he had a ball doing this pic and really got into it
Dada showing Deqlan how to do numbers
beautiful boy..
A favorite pastime - getting tickled !
Taken 25 May 2009 - what a beautiful photo on the day we celebrated Deqlan being 2 years from diagnoses! The smile just sums up our gratefulness and happiness in the miracles Our Lord continues to work through Deqlan!
mmmm...toothpaste , we actually have to hide it away - Deqlan loves his winnie the pooh blue berry flavour toothpaste, its like a treat to him!
Loggie bear pushing Keaton around in Deqlans car - they had a ball together , but Logs did admit her legs were a bit sore the next day!
Deqlan loving an episode of Telly Tubbies! the definite favorite at the moment
One of the bakkies in our estate that Deqlans love to go and visit

a rare moment - to get all three kids together in one photo!
Deqlans favorite favorite - the LG aircon, he has learnt to say 'eshee' for LG, to precious
Deqlans other favorite aircon unit, the samsung -also gets a visit at least once a day
On one of our walks
Deqlan loves running up and down on the drain, stamping his feet
Enjoying the wheel on Giels bakkie
The best thing ever, Giels bakkie in our complex. Deqlan is in love with this car, especially the writing and numbers all over it and we battle to get away from it - we sometimes spend half an hour looking at this car, touching it, exploring each angle
Smiley boy Keaton playing at our house last weekend
Logs and Keaton love each other SOOOOO MUCH!

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Ferreira Family said...

Absolutely beautiful photos.. Deqlan, you are so very very clever.. Keep all the hard work up... Your mommy is so proud of you and so are all of us!

Lots of love
Claire, Stephna, Hannah & Ethan