Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guess where we went yesterday afternoon?

I wish i could tell you it was some exciting place like the zoo or the circus, but we made a little visit to the Emergency Room at Unitas hospital....the story unfolds like this....

As Nanna and Meggie, Keaton and I ate some lunch, we heard a fall on the tiles, which i immediately jumped up to go and investigate, knowing it was Deqlan that had woken up from his sleep. What i didnt expect to find was Deqlan lying half way up the stairs, starting to cry, with blood on his little hand. Oh no. I picked Deqlan up and discovered that he had cut his chin open, badly, stitches badly, i immediately started crying.

I dont think Deqlan was quite awake yet, when he tried to come up the two little steps from Nanna's bedroom, like he always does, to tell us he was awake. I think because he was still a little drowsy, he may have missed the step on his way up and banged his chin on the top step.

Nanna came running down to the room and also burst into tears upon seeing the wound and hearing Deqlans cry. Meggie and Keaton also came running down and poor little Keaton come to hug my leg as i held Deqlan.

Not long, and Deqlan was calm, watching Old Macdonald, his favorite at the moment, especially because of the tractors, and we all had a chance to calm down. Had another good look, and knew it was time for stitches. again. in exactly the same place he had stitches from when he fell in the bath about 3 months ago . Deqlan fell so hard that it burst open .

So off we went to the ER - completing the thousand questions about previous surgeries and medical history always takes a good while. Deqlan wasnt impressed being held on my lap while the nurses tried to get the probe to stay on to get Deqlans vitals - i told them not even to bother with the thermometer they wanted to put under his arm that would need to stay there for 6 minutes - it wouldnt have made 10 seconds.

Eventually a doc saw us and i had to explain the last 2 years 9 months events in 1 minute . He decided it would be best to give Deqlan valeron and wait half an hour for it to help calm Deqlan down - not our Deqlan - it had the opposite affect - Deqlan became more hyper pulling my hair and wanting to run out of the room - so when the doctor came to check half an hour later to see if drowsy enough , he clearly saw Deqlan was not one of the normal patients who enjoy a calm 'trip' on valeron , and we agreed it would be best to just go ahead and not wait any longer

So two nurses had to wrap Deqlan up in a sheet and hold his head and body while the doctor did the stitches - they asked me to leave and i said i wasnt going anywhere - can you imagine being 2 years 9 months , in a strange place , with strange people holding you down , while you get an injection in your chin - no ways , i am his Mama and i said i was staying, thank you very much. After about 5 minutes, 3 stitches were in and Deqlan was very happy to get off the table , out the sheet and back into my arms - he quickly calmed down again, we met Nanna outside, and we couldnt have been happier to be on our way home! What a brave boy you are Deqlan, much braver then Nanna and I, thats for sure...

We hope he doesnt fiddle to much with the stitches and that we can keep him out the sand for a while and prevent him from soaking the stitches in the bath - thats going to be a challenge for someone who likes taking 1 hour baths at the moment.....

Have a super day, God Bless, Lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Lacey said...

Don't they know that autistic kids usually have the opposite reaction to drugs like that? We learned that with Tanner. I think every little boy has a scar under their chin, its like a right of passage.

The Preister's said...

oh no - what a scary trip!! I am glad it ended on an up note with him being in a good mood leaving at least!

we will be thinking of you and praying that those stiches get a good rest from all the boy wear and tear :-)