Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Scrub a dub dub hand out, Kalefong hospital

Arriving at Kalegong, Veronica and Meggie pushing one of the trolleys with all the hampers into the ward
Claire & Yolande and Veronica from CHOC unloading more goodies for the kids
The back seat of my car was packed to the brim- Osiris trading surprised us on Thursday afternoon by delivering tons and tons of more goodies from Scrub a dub - thank you so much to you all for each and every single item - from the Annique soaps to the baby products and all the items we had on our list to the 3o towels to all the toys, thank you so very very much to you all, you made a huge difference and i was so proud to tell CHOC we had even more stock for them!
The back seat of my car filled to the brim, more goodies from Osiris trading and all the boxes with the hotel water bottles from Dischem, they were so stunning, all different characters, from sheep to teddies to mice - we let the kids choose which ones they wanted to call their own
One of the precious girls in the isolation ward - she was one of the most excited kids, she grabbed the comb and immediately started to brush her hair, she was so very very happy and grateful
Meggie posing with two beautiful boys and a mommy, who were oh so happy with their hampers and loved the hot water bottles!
This little might was a little shy , also in the isolation ward, but was very chuffed to have a while bag of sweets to enjoy!
What a joy and privilige it was for me to see all of our hard work in the smiles and appreciation of these precious heroes
Claire giving a young lady a hug - i wish you couldve seen her beautiful smile, she was so so grateful and happy..
Meggie blowing bubbles and opening sweets with this gorgeous girl, she LOVED the bubbles, she was totally in awe of them. Have a close look at her pjs - they come from our project last year Snug as a bug, i cant tell you how happy i was to see these and lots more other kids wearing the pjamas you so lovingly gave.
The precious soul is fighting osteosarcoma, and Meggie was forunate enough to chat a bit more to the mommy who was very very down and at the point of no hope - her daughter hasnt been able to eat for over a month and they are concerned that the chemo is not doing the job it should be. Meggie tried very hard to share some words of hope and support and prayer.
What a beautiful face- Claire was delighted to also be handing out more bubbles to the kids..
This lovely lass and her mom are from Zimbabwe - they are in South Africa for treatment because there is no chemo in Zimbabwe...this little one has nephroblastoma, cancer of the kidneys and this Thursday will be the third time the doctors remove a tumor , that continues to come back. Doctors are concerned that the moster is spreading. I also tried very hard to fill this mommy with some hope and trust and just told her to keep looking up to Our Lord. Please pray for this beautiful girl as she has surgery this Thursday , please pray that they can get everything out and that she can be healed totally and permanently - please also pray for all the mommies who have to watch their children fight so bravely
Megs, me and Claire getting ready to hand the hampers out that you all so lovingly helped us create by donating and packing and getting them to their final destination, the kids.We were so proud to be there on represent the entire Deqlans Scrub a dub dub Army
Landie chatting to our first friend, his leg was amputated in attempt to stop his monster
Me with the sweets that Ruan's family provided and Claire holding some of the hot water bottles from Dischem
What a sweetheart, he was so happy to so cheese so we could take a picture
This little guy couldnt wait to open his hamper and enjoyed his sweets thoroughly!
The most precious girls, also sporting some pjamas from Snug as a bug - see the Teddy next to the little one in the middle- also donated by Osiris trading, as soon as she saw it , it was love at first site, she picked teddy up out the packet and never let him go! So happy the teddy found his perfect owner
What a beautiful day it was. Claire and I met Meggie and travelled to the CHOC house in Pretoria to meet Landie and Veronica, the ladies that work so hard to look after kids fighting cancer in the Pretoria area.
We made our way to Kalefong where i tried to give Claire a heads up about what to expect - even though id been once before last year, and i thought id be better prepared this time - the tears still wanted to flow as we entered the kids oncology ward.
Megs, Claire and I all looked at each other at the same time, all with tears ready to flow and we just reminded ourselves why we were there and that we had to put on very happy faces for the kids - which, was actually easy today as we started to greet each child with all the goodies we had brought for them.
One of the little girls, in the pink tracksuite above, the one that claimed teddy as her new best friend, came to greet us and shake our hands saying hello, to precious for words - she wanted to hold meggies hand and walk around with us.
The children were delighted and amazed that they each recieved a hamper full of products to keep them clean and shiny and comfortable and healthy - shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste, earbuddies, combs, embroidered face cloth, bubbles, deodorant,body lotion, soap box and of course the towel holding all the goodies together. Along with that was a huge packet of sweets , made up by angel Ruans family and the cutest hot water bottles from the fantastic Dischem donation.
Some friends, were happily running around, the only thing giving their 'cover' away, of being a healthy child , was their shiny head or the drip stands they pushed around. Some friends, clearly not feeling well , comforted by their mommies hand on their backs , some had no one with them- as a lot of these parents have to go to work to survive and cant sit with their children while they have treatment. But the hampers and other treats brought a smile and even a thank you from each child. That my dear friends, is the reward that is priceless. Their smile and delight in having their very own products, sweets and toys.
We tried to spend a little time with each child, giving high fives and saying sharp sharp, which was a definite favorite and CHOC was also kind enough to bring cakes and muffins for the nurses and parents.
Meggie thanked Sister Patricia who runs the ward - you can see that she is not thanked a whole lot, she became very emotional when Meggie thanked her for taking such good care of this precious children.
And then it was time to wave goodbye, leave our blessings and prayers and smiles with the kids as we made our way home again.
It is heartbreaking to hear the stories, the journies that these little mights have already been through, the relapses, the pain and worry of the parents - but my dear scrub a dubbers, you made the whole of difference to them, even if for 1 day, they felt normal and happy and important and for that my thanks are endless to you all. Thank you to each and every single one of you for every single part you played in the huge success this was, it would not have been possible with the fantastic team we had with us. Thank you a million times over Deqlans scrub a dub dub army and All Hands on Dec Friends, you are all amazing.
So, heres to next year and another project that is inspired by my beautiful Deqlan , who is my reason for everything. Please continue to keep our beautiful boy NED Dear Lord forever and always
Please Dear Lord Jesus , heal these precious children - please lead us to the cure for cancers, please be with the families who battle at times to watch their children suffer - we know You are with all the angels in heaven and we ask you to ease the pain, their families endure
God Bless, lots of love and thank you thank you thank you
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience for you my friend. The photo's are beautiful, and the kids just blow me away with their beautiful smiles. How very touching...

Love you lots

Sam xxxx

Vickie said...

Lovely and inspiring. Thanks for the photo tour.

Loren Stow said...

What amazing pictures! I am so in awe of everything you guys do - you really make such a HUGE difference to peoples lives, everyday!
Way to Go!!

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