Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day

We had a lovely Fathers day today. It started off with a little breakfast for Dad, his favorite - croissants ! Then Logan and I met Bev and Meggie and Grandpa at Mass this morning for a Fathers day service. Afterwards, we enjoyed the most delicous, fantastic, divine lunch and delightful afternoon with Mom and Dee,it really was such a lovely, relaxed day,with superb food and the best company in the world, each other..

Kevin and Louise with Logan, Kevin thank you for being a great Godfather to Logan and for always going out of your way to making her feel loved and treasured!

Dee, Dad to Debbie and Andrew, who stay in Canada - i sneaked this shot in, when Debbie called to wish Dee!
Grandpa, Granfather to Samm, Meggie, Kejenne and Jeran - we are so blessed to have you as our Grandpa, we love you so very much, we are so proud of you and look up to you in so many ways. The way you take care of Nan Grandpa, the love you have for her, is a quality that we all strive or . Always know we are here for you and will help you however we can, we love you!
Mark, Godfather to Keaton - these two have such a special relationship, Keaton really loves Mark and can often be found tugging on Marks jeans to be picked up for a cuddle!
Conrad, Deqlans Godfather - we got Conrad some of his favorite chocolate to enjoy! Conrad, you are amazing with Deqlan, the time and love and patience you put into getting into Deqlans world, is a gift we will always treasure, thank you from all of us. You are a great Dad to Keaton, and i know he looks up to you in so many ways!
The gorgeous 'I LOVE YOU DAD BECAUSE..' Chocolates Bev found, all the kids filled in the reasons why they love Dad, we actually needed a massive slab to list even half the reasons why!
Dee, Step dad to Meggie and Samm - Dee, we hope you had a stunning Fathers day.We cant thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for us. Thank you for all the love and support and care you put into our family. You are amazing and we pray that Our Lord will pour His blessings upon you , the same way you pour them upon is. You truly deserve so much in life - nothing is hard for you, no is not an option, you always put everyone else first - just know how much you are loved and appreciated.
Dee, you are also Grandpa to Damian . Chenya, Daren and Jared all in Canada, and i am sure they will also agree that you are also the best Grandad ever!
For two gorgeous boys, right here, you are Grandad to, Deqlan and Keaton have so much love for you - you really are such an important part in their lives and they smile in anticipation when arrriving at your house each day, knowing they are going to get big smiles and songs and laughter and high fives! Dee, what you have done to help me with Deqlan is priceless and treasure. Deqlan would not be making the amazing progress he is without your help , that is for sure, and Mark and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for us! We love you Dee, We love you Grandpa!
The coasters we made for Dee and Grandpa - it was my first go and decoupage - thanks Claire for explaining to me how to do it, i hope i can better with practise, but they loved them!
Grandpa with Meggie and Samm , Great Grandpa to Logan, Deqlan and Keaton - a prouder Great Grandpa you will not find. It is an honor and privilige and blessing that our kids still have their great Grandpa - thank you for all the love you shower upon us Great Grandpa , we love you very very much and look so forward to spending lots of time with you and Great Nan playing in the zen garden and running around with Becks!
Mark, Dada to Deqlan - Dada, Happy Fathers Day to my best friend, my hero, my nuturer, my buddy - i love you so so so much - the bond we share is unbreakable and grows stronger each day. I see you as my hero and there is nothing that i cant do without you. I cant wait to see you each day when you get home from work - i cant wait for you to teach me new words and watch your face as i repeat the alphabet and today, count to ten, after you teach me just how to do it. Thank you for working so hard, thank you for putting me first, thank you for making me feel loved and happy - there is nothing i want for . I treasure, our cuddles and kisses and giggles, and rubbing your face as i fall asleep. I am working on saying Dada and i cant wait to be able to tell you with my own words and voice, that I love you more then anything.
Early morning breakfast wishes
Dad to Logan - Dear Dad, Happy Fathers day! Thank you for making all the sacrifices you do so that i can have everything i need or could ever want. I look up to you in so many ways - and cant wait to see you when you come to fetch me, i cant wait to tell you how i am doing at school. Thank you for all the life lessons you continue to teach me - i know i am learning the ropes from the best! I know that we are going to be the best father daughter team and i know that i can turn to you with everything and anything. I do love you so very much and i am proud to call you my Dad.
Fathers day Wishes to you Oupa Chris, in Durban- thank you for being a great Dad to Mark, Kevin and Sandi and for being a great Oupa to Deqlan and Logan - we hope you had a lovely day and we hope to see you soon!
Mark is also blessed to still have his Oupa, Oupa, we sending you lots of love and best wishes for a lovely day, we hope you are happy and healthy and doing very well and we hope to see you soon to!
Happy Fathers Day to you Grandpa Quintin, also Dad to Tyler, Keving and Mark - we also trust you had a great day and were spoilt! Thank you for taking such good care of Logan and all the effort and time you put into making her weekeends and holidays so very special! Have a wonderful day
To my Godfather , Uncle Ken, wishing you a wonderful day and safe travels back to Austria tonight. We have always shared a special connection and I shall always treasure that!
To all the Dads, Dads to be, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers - Happy Fathers day! Thank you for being the roots and pillars of strength in our families.
I know that the angels are also wishing their Daddys a wonderful Fathers day and now they are they ones in Heaven watching over their fathers..
To the most important Dad of all, Our Father , who art in heaven. Father God, you are the ultimate role model, example, nurturer, healer, provider, our lighthouse, our shepard, the way , the truth and the light! We love, worship and adore you and thank you for letting us come to you any time of the day or night to listen to our hearts, to guide us, to answer our prayers, to direct us, there is no other like You. Happy Fathers day Our Heavenly Father, we love you.
Fathers have an awesome task
To show what love is made of
So when their children look at them
They’ll see the heart of God
And grow to want to know God more
To walk in all His ways
To learn from their Father’s wisdom
And be taught how to pray.
Fathers have a special role
In each young child’s life
To mould and shape them to become
A follower of Christ
To show them the
Father’s heart
And help them understand
How God’s love can be their guide
As they take Him by the hand.
God bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan and Logan

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