Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scrub a dub dub update

Hi Everybody!

Unfortunately cant get the article that appeared in the paper , scanned and posted to the site! We have managed to get 6 other copies, thanks to Hazel at Westview methodist church! So we will hang onto them and if anyone wants to see you welcome to ask!

The article basically shows a pic of Deqlan, Mark and I and just gives a brief description of what Scrub a dub dub was. It mention us releasing balloons in honor of all the angels, warriors and survivors and that we had many people helping and contributing towards the hampers! Thanks to you all again!

All the fantastic items Dischem donated worth R100 000, have also found their way to the CHOC kids across South Africa. Enough items to fill 400 bags were sent to Cape Town, around 100 to Durban and 70 to P.E. The remainder of these specific items are going to go to CHOC in Johannesburg. Gillian happened to deliver some hampers we already made to them, when they mentioned that they had 240 bags that were donated to them that they still had to fill! Gillian ecstactically told them that we had been donated items from Dischem, but were still looking for bags to put them into ! How is that for God's amazing plan! So all the remainder of the items will go to CHOC Johannesburg - we might have a packing day should they need our assistance so will let you know if they need extra hands!

I just wanted to say a personal thank you to Kim, Nina, Wendy, Gillian, Gill from Choc in Durban, & my dear husband for making the storing/counting/moving/transporting/recieving/organising/handing out/love and support a reality! you are all amazing and i cant thank you enough for helping us help kids fighting cancer around South Africa!

The Pretoria team is handing the hampers out at the Kalefong Hospital on Friday
The Cape Town team is handing out their hampers and other lovely surprises on Saturday

God Bless, lots of love and thank you to all!
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan & Deqlans scrub a dub dub army

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Debbie said...

So very proud to call you my FRIEND!!!! Keep up the good work, just wish i was closer so i could give a hand but sure you have enough helpers!!!!

Have a great week, God will bless you for all the smiles you have put on childrens faces!!!!!