Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayers for Monique

Hello Deqlans Prayer Army

We need to ask you for your prayers for a very special little girl in Cape Town called Monique - please see details below from Nina:

Monique was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer earlier this year. Her mom died 2 years ago, her dad is married to a beautiful lady, Marianne (we are friends with her brother, that is how I found out about Monique), but they are living in Knysna. Monique has got an older sister and also a 1 year old half brother, and both her dad and her stepmom is working.....which is why she is alone here in Cape Town. She is really brave!!! The doctors talked to her dad on Friday and they are worried that the cancer is worse than they thought in the beginning!! This must be SO hard for her family to leave her here and know what she is going through. Please, please please ask all at Deqlan's army to pray for this little girl and her family. She still have a long way to recovery and need to go through more chemo and radiation for 6 weeks!!! Please pray that the side effect will be minimal and also that this therapy will heal her!!

They are also in desperate need of assistance with funds , to pay for medical bills, please pray that someone is able to help this little one and her family and that God completely heals her from cancer - if anyone can help, please contact Nina at

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