Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday, the 17th of October

Deqlan continues to be full of energy and beans, depsite another two teeth on the way ! Everything, and i mean everything is being put into our soldiers mouth, even his fingers have become teething rings! Deqlan loves walking, make that running around and grabs a hand whenever he can and steers us all over the show - his favourite places in Nannas house are where ever there are ceiling fans - from the one in the lounge , to the kitchen, down to the bedroom and up again! He has also discovered the computer in the study had buttons, with lights and he loves pressing these in and out.

Deqlan is taking more and more steps by himself - very exciting!

We go for our 11th and yes final round next Thursday 25 October - blood tests will be done and urine tests to - these take a while so should be ready by the time we have our big appointment on 8 Nov. Every time i think about the 8th of Novemeber or even right about it I get butterflies in my stomach , cause I know its round the corner and I cant wait to hear fantastic news that Deqlan is NED, please Dear Holy and Healing Lord. Please continue to pray very hard for our soldier, I know each and every prayer is heard - we are so Blessed to have you all behind us - make that next to us, thank you so very very very much.

We are still recieving wonderful contributions for our CHOC food packs! Thank you so much Gary, Kim and Paige for all the items you so lovingly purchased - syrup, dishwashing liquid, jik, washing powder, bovril, jam, peanut butter, maize meal, sugar, rice, coffee, soap and 2 minute noodles. Your giving spirit blows us away and we are so grateful and thankful for your help, thank you so very very very much from us all.

You may all think its strange i mention every item for our food packs, but i want you to know that we are grateful for every single item that is going to making these cancer kids and their families enjoy a wonderful and nutritous Christmas. We appreciate every single one. Thank you and thank you again - i cant say it enough.

Another HUGE thank you must go to my beautiful Mom and Deqlans Nanna - dont know if I have mentioned this before , but Meggy started a prayer book for Deqlan when he was diagnosed back in May. We recieved so many smses, emails, posts, letters,cards, gifts that we wanted to put them all in a book to show Deqlan how many people love him and are praying for his total and permanent healing. This book has become HUGE with the amount of beautiful, unforgettable, treasured momentos - Nanna sits every day , while our soldier is sleeping, and so lovingly cuts and pastes all of the emails and blog comments into the prayer book and then she chooses the most beautiful stickers and pictures to put with the messages to make each page sparkle, glow and be so much more special ! Thank you My Darling Mom for every second you so lovingly put into this precious book, which i know Deqlan is going to treasure for ever. No matter how tired your hands get from cutting, you continue to make each page so beautiful and so special. Thank you from Deqlan and I for this beautiful effort of love. We love you so so very much - you amaze us- you never get tired, and even when you have a headache or migraine, you keep on keeping on making sure we are looked after and happy and comfortable. One day, My Darling Mom, I will pull the stars down for you , I shall give you the earth if i could to show you how much we love and treasure you.

Logan came to visit for the weekend, she spent Saturday with the Lambs , and her best friend Kaleigh. On Sunday she got to see Granny and her Oupa Chris and Cheryl. She asked to come to Bevs House, my mom, several times - so we hope and pray we can arrange for her to see My Mom next time she is here. I miss her like mad, and Im sure Deqlan does to. I cant wait for them to play together again, bath together, get up to mishief together, laugh together, run and jump together ...i cant wait....

The results are in for our friend Kate. The biopsy of the tumor came back us 98% dead cells 2% living neuroblastoma cells. The biopsy is being sent to a hospital in Los Angeles to see if the cells have matured or not . Depending on this result Kate might need further treatment or just need to be watched . Please continue to pray for our precious friend Kate and her wonderful family, that God continues to heal her and that he gives these doctors the wisdom to plan the next steps for her.

Yesterday, 16 October, was a very sad day in the NB world - we lost another beautiful boy, Lucas Tran. He was diagnosed at 9 months, cleared, then had a relapse and battled neuroblastoma until 3 weeks before his 4th Birthday. This disease is so unfair. May Our Lord welcome Lucas pain free into His Kingdom and may He give the Tran family comfort, peace and love.

We need to continue spreading the word and creating awareness and funding for research for a cure - if you have not already , please send an email to the producers of Oprah asking her for a show on Neuroblastoma - can you imagine what awareness just 1 hour show could bring?

I will be joining Nanna & Meggy tonight at The Mission currently on at our church. This only happens every 7 years and is apparently so moving and it really fills your cup with Faith again. Each night a different topic is discussed and tonights one will be on Faith - so looking very forward to it. Dada will be watching our soldier tonight as I go for an hour or so to go and pray for our beautiful boy and others fighting this wicked disease.

Have a lovely week, God Bless and please continue the prayers for our Beautiful Deqlan.
Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our trust in Thee, all for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus All For Thee

All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Dear Samm, Mark & Deqlan,

We are so happy to hear that Deqlan is doing so well and that the Lord is working his miracles in his life.I sent a request to the Oprah show and then had a thought that perhaps you should approach 3Talk with the same request the email addess is
You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day and we will continue to pray for Deqlans permanent healing.
All our love Heidi, James & Hannah

Charli Ann said...

Hi! How many teeth does he have now!? I miss Charli's gummy smile now that she has teeth! She only has 8, but has been working on a few more I think!

What a GREAT idea of the prayer book...aren't people amazing!

thanks for the nice note! I am so excited that his final round is near!! NED here you come!!

Claire Ferreira said...

Dear Samm, Mark & Brave Deqlan,

I am glad Deqlan is active and full of beans. Its great to watch these Little ones growing up.

The Lord is amazing! He has worked great miracles for all of you!!

Will send a request to 3talk as well. The more awareness we create, the more lives can be saved.

We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Love to all and God Bless.

Love, Claire, Stephan and Hannah