Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday, the 7th October 2007

Hi All

Hope you had a stunning weekend with your loved ones !

Because Deqlans 9th round went so well and Doc was happy with him, Friday night we went out for Renes surprise farewell and Birthday celebration - it was the first time we have seen our friends in 5 months and was really lovely to catch up with them. Ren as i said in my previous blog we are going to miss you madly but know that this is going to be such an amazing adventure for you - so grab it and have the time of your life with Grant. Happy Birthday for yesterday my friend, i just know that this is the year you have been waiting for. We love you lots and we are going to miss you!

Saturday we spent in doors as it rained ..again...Deqlan took another 3 steps all by himself, and not even 2 minutes later i recieved an sms from my Mom saying that my gran had taken 3 steps by herself to! What a miracle! For those of you who dont know Nan has been in a wheelchair for quite some time now as she is to weak to walk - well, well what a lovely surprise to hear that she took some steps - how exciting - i pray you continue to get stronger every day Nan and that by the time Deqlan can come and visit you again you are both walking full force! We love and miss you so much Darling Nan, im so proud of you!

Great Grandad, Nanna, Meggie and I went to church Saturday night and enjoyed a very inspirational service about Faith and that even if you faith is a big as a mustard seed it can do miraculous things ! We also chatted about how being a Christian is hard work - it is not just something we pray about its something we take action in every second of the day. The mission starts at or church the next two weeks and we are trying to arrange for one of the Mission Fathers to come to Nannas house in the week to do a very special Blessing for Deqlan - that should be lovely for Father Scott to pop in on his rounds to do this Blessing!

Got home from church and a huge storm arrived - luckily we had just enough time to boil the kettle for Deqlans bottles , have a bite to eat and then the power went off....for two hours!!!! Mark was not impressed as he missed most of the rugby between New Zealand and France. What a schock for the power to come back on and to discover New Zealand out of the world cup!

Sunday the Sun came out! I was very exicted to take Deqlan for a walk in the pram as we havent done this in over a week because of all the rain! He sat eating his cheese puffs as we walked down the drive way enjoying the birds and plants! The power went off AGAIN - so Mark missed the Argentina vs Scotland game!

We Hope that the power stays on especially for the semi finals next weekend South Africa- Argentina!

Deqlan is walking and running around (holding one of our hands)at such a speed! His confidence is really picking up and im sure any day now we will have a little walking soldier on our hands, hooray! What a milestone!

Have a lovely week, thank you for your continued prayers, support, encouragement and for always checking in on us!

Please continue to pray for all our friends - especially Kate today, as she recieves the results of her bone marrow test - so far everything has shown fantastic results - praying for you all Kate and Jacobs family!

God Bless and please stay in touch and let us know how all of you are!

Lots of Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

By Jesus Stripes Deqlan is healed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Wow! Everything seems to be going according to plan with Deqlan, so so happy for you all, PRAISE THE LORD! I am sure by the time Deqlan needs to go for his op he is going to walk through the hospital doors!
Still in our thoughts and prayers every single day.
Thanks so much for the lovely photo's, he seems to grow with each photo taken!
Have a great week!
With lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Wanted to stop in and say to hello to all of you and let you know I was thinking of you! I love the new pictures and noticed Samm wearing one of Kate's bracelets in one of the pictures. That filled me with such joy to see. It's awesome to have a support group that crosses the equator and transcends the boundaries that man has built in this world. Hugs to all of you and many prayers for Deqlan's important next few weeks. I know you will be celebrating his healing so very soon.
Hugs, prayers, support and hope always,
Karen, Kate and crew