Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update on Kate!

We recieved the fantastic news that Kate is NED - NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

Congrats Kate and the whole Jacobs family - what wonderful news, we are so pleased for you!
Good Luck for tommorows surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor - we will be with you every second in prayer and our thoughts will be with you throughout the day!

May Our Lord continue to keep you all safely in his arms- he is working his miracle in our kids and I know Kate will come out of surgery smiling! Keep your heads up, keep your amazing fighting spirit and continue to always follow The Lord

I saw a butterfly as i arrived at my Moms house this morning and smiled knowing that she is going to be just perfect - Thanks for your message on our blog about the bracelet - i wear it with pride for Kate every single day!

God Bless you all - Everything is possible to those who believe! Mark 9:23

Also, today , Ren leaves for the UK - my dear friend - i wish you all the love and happiness in the world, all the adventure you have ever dreamed of , to reach every star you possibly can. Please be safe and have the time of your life - i am going to miss you more then you will know, but i want you to go and have a ball ALL MY LOVE TO YOU, SAMMY


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm

The new pics are amazing. Megs, can I just say that your 'bump' suits you. You are stunning and I'm sure Conrad must be very proud of you.
Samm, you and Mark look happier than I've ever seen you. Deqlan looks gorgeous, and his eye is looking beautiful. I long to sit down with all of you and 'catch up'. You are all (Mark, Samm, Deqlan, Uncle D, Aunty Bev, Megs and Conrad) so close to our hearts. We have photo's of you, Mark and Deqlan on our wall leading up to our bedroom. Every morning and every night I look at the photo's, sometimes touching Deqlan's beautiful smile. You are the most amazing spirit Samm, and I feel priviledged to know you. Please give little Deqlan a big cuddle from us, and give Markus a massive hug from the Mac D's.
Love you lots my friend.
Keep smiling.
Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so touched, so grateful for and so honored by this post. You are all such special people, we are so blessed to have met you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow as I pace and focus on not worrying. The words I posted on my journal tonight came from something you wrote months ago that I rely on.

May God Bless All of You!!!