Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Deqlan takes 2 steps

I love Meggies Sunglasses!

I love helping Mama with the washing

Had to write a blog tonight to let you know that Deqlan tooks his first two steps all my himself! Mark and I looked at eah other and burst out laughing! My heart is beaming with pride - what an amazing sight,we so priviliged to have seen it first! Thank you Lord for an amazing mile stone Deqlan has reached - we are so proud! SO im sure its around the corner that my little baby shall be running around hooray, my how the time has flown

Deqlan is still recieving Birthday presents! He recieved a set of sports balls from Claire, Stephan and Hannah today - a football, basketball and soccer ball - he loves them thanks so much guys!Thank you to Claire for my stunning gifts and one of the mosty beautiful cards i have ever seen, your words touched me and I shall read the card each time i feel i need a lift, thank you for being such a special friend
Thank you to Claire for your fantastic contribution towards the Choc food packs!They are going to help so many families, thank you. Thank you to all that have contributed so much so far - i cant wait to thank each and every single one of you personally - thank you for doing this for Deqlan and for all the other families fighting paediatric cancer, God Bless you all for opening your hearts to this worthy cause
We got great news from our friends in Minnesota - Kates scans are showing great results and improvements! Thank you Lord - please continue to pray that the remainder of the tests continue to go as well and that we are soon saying Kate is NED - no evidence of disease!

My dear dear friend Ren and her boyfriend Grant are off to the UK for 2 years - they leave 10 October -i am going to miss you like mad Ren - i wish we had more time together these last few months - but i know you where with us in prayer and spirit - i know you of all people understand what Deqlan is going through - i salute you my friend for beating this 3 times -you are an inspiration to me and to Deqlan - go and have a ball in the UK - go and spread your wings and have the time of your life- I know you and Grant are going to be so happy together and the experience is going to be one of the best times of your life. I will miss you my dear friend, we love you very much. God Bless and be safe and cant wait to see you in March again!

Please pray for our little soldiers 9th round of chemo on Friday - please pray that his blood counts are great, that he handles this round just as well and that the chemo continues to kill and destroy any cancer cells Please pray that his immune system continues to strengthen and that he continues to do so very well

Have posted some new pics of Deqlan ( some of him doing the washing with me ha ha ha)- enjoy , he is doing so great, Praise Our Heavenly Father
Sleep tight, God Bless
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

We can do all things through Christ we strengthens us!


Anonymous said...

YEA Deqlan!!!!! Congratulations on your first big steps!!! We are so very excited to hear of this milestone!

Thank ALL of you for the continued prayers for Kate...they are working!

Glory to God for the miracles he is delivering for our beautiful children!

Hugs to all,
Karen, Kate and the whole Jacobs family
Minnesota, USA

Claire said...

Way to go Deqlan, you are such an incredible little boy. Now you are really going to give your mommy a run around! Enjoy every step you take!

Its only a pleasure and the very least we can do! You are all very special to us.

I treasure opu friendship Samm, you are indeed special!

Love to all!
Love Claire, Stephan & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for Deqlan as he goes through more chemo this week end. Keep praying for sounds like he is doing great.......and even WALKING now. What a big boy!!

Charli Anna's Grandma

Anonymous said...

Congrats Big Guy!
Your mama and dada are going to have their hands full very soon!
Continue to be the strong soldier you are. We are behind you every step of your journey.

Lots of hugs, kisses and prayers.
Kobus, Bron & Matt

Charli Ann said...

walking, WOW! Welcome to a whole new world!!!

Thank you to you and your sweet family for you nice and kind notes. I am glad you enjoy checking in on Charli, as I know we feel the same for beautiful Deqlan...I was just sharing his story with people a day or two ago.

Someone from your family sent a message about Charli bracelets, can you please email me the address (and other specific information) needed to get them sent out to you...I am a bit SLOW at getting them sent out this time around! (how many, color, etc!)

Elriza said...

I can't believe how big little Deqs is!!! He's a prober boy hey? (And a gentleman too if he's helping you with the washing). COngrats you guys, I'm so incredibly happy for you. We'll be praying for you guys tomorrow, and I can't wait to read the next good news!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful nights rest!

God Bless
x x x
Elriza & Wes

Anonymous said...

Yay, Well done Deqlan! You will definately be keeping your Mama and Dada on their toes now.
We love you so very much and you are constantly in our prayers. Although you have 'visibly' taken your very first steps, you have been a shining example of a little boy who has been marching with full force as a soldier of the Lord. You and your Mommy and Daddy continue to 'awe' us with your amazing spirit.
We love you all lots....
Keep on marching xxx
Sam (and Don and Mia xxx)