Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deqlan is 13 months today!

I cant believe that Deqlan is 13 months old- my how quickly time has gone!
He took another 6 steps yesterday and its happening more frequently and more steps each time! He stands up very proudly and starts getting ready to motion forward and if he feels he has just the right balance , away he goes! Its wonderful to watch!
We had a very , very special Blessing this morning. Father Scott from our church Mission, came to do a special healing Blessing for Deqlan. It was a beautiful ceremony and Father anointed Deqlans head and hands - i shall always remember that. He asked for Our Lord to take every illness out of his body and return him to full health , and to be with him and guide him and protect him. Nanna, Meggy, Great Grandpa and I where very proud of Deqlan as he quietly sat on my lap listening to Father Scott , our soldier is so clever im sure he even understood and realised the importance of this Blessing - wow Deqlan is really Blessed now, he has been Baptized, Confirmed and has recieved annointing of the sick and today special annointing for healing. What a special day to do this on, his 13 month Birthday!
Deqlan recieved the most gorgeous Birthday gifts from Uncle Ken, Aunty Jenni, Keje and Jeran! A pull along truck with lots of shapes in, and big wheels , which he loves so so so much! He also recieved a tractor with a trailer and the wheels are so real they look like real tyres, so Deqlan was in his element with this toy to! Thank you all so much, you really touched my heart with these gifts and Deqlan is going to get many happy years of playing with them, we love and miss you all very very much
Thank you to Laura, Kerry, Suzanne and family for your very generous donation of so so many two minute noodles - they are going to give alot of hungry tummys some much needed nutrition. Thank you for all your support to Megs and our family during this time- you girls are all so special and Megs has gained such amazing friends in you all - thank you and God Bless you all.

Today, actually as I type, Kate is having surgery to remove her primary tumor in her abdomen. Please pray that they are able to remove as much the tumor as possible , that Kate has a speedy recovery , that God puts his calmness over her parents and that she is totally and permanently healed forever. In Honor of Kate , we all wore red today along with our red Kates Cure Crew Bracelets. When I arrived at my Moms house this morning and put Deqlans Telly Tubbys on, the theme of the day was...RED..... I JUST KNEW THAT TODAY, WAS KATES DAY AND THAT ALL IS GOING TO BE PERFECT AND KATE HEALED.Sending you all our love, prayers and support, cant wait to get the good news! God Bless you all, BY JESUS STRIPES KATE IS HEALED!
Please pray that Deqlans 10th round of chemo goes fantasticaly well on Monday, 15 October, that he is calm and no fear for the duration of the treatment, that the vincristine does its job, and that any remaining cancer cells are wiped out - that his tumor has shrunk and dissapeared,that every metastatic site has been cleared and that his bone marrow has been cleared - all totally and permanently, in Jesus Holy Name AMEN

God Bless you all , please stay in touch and let us know how all of you are - please continue to pray for all our friends that our sick and need our Lords Healing.
I cant thank you all enough for your continued posts on the blog, emails, calls, sms and above all prayers. I feel them,I know Deqlan feels them and I know God Hears them! Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our Trust in Thee, All for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus, ALL FOR THEE

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Charli Ann said...

You have had a very special day, I am so glad you have great people to surround you during this time.

I am "still" checking on the shipment to you, I am a bit slow, as you can tell.

We take Charli back to Childnren's in two weeks for her scans - praying for and expecting good news. I have decided that I have to expect good things to happen, not just hope for them!!

We will continue sending prayers from Nebraska...what a special child you have - God has given you a great blessing! And, God has given Deqlan a great blessing in you.

Anonymous said...

HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me screaming with joy at seeing your pictures???? Kate is hanging tough and I know your prayers are helping...

Love from MN,
Karen, Kate and crew