Monday, October 15, 2007

Round 10!

10 down and 1 to go - i have longed for ssssssssssoooooooo long to type these words!

Things went well this morning, Deqlan did put up a fight though and tried to roll and get away from us holding him still - we have to - especially with vincristine, if the needle comes out the port and anything leaks - it will do serious serious damage it will actually burn the tissue - so we held his hands and Nanna sang songs and pointed to different pictures to try and take his mind off being restricted. His Baby Einstein Neighbourhood animals also helped a little bit this time

It was all done within 30 minutes, doc checked Deqlans body and was happy and no problems to report, thank You Dear Lord!

Next and FINAL ROUND( can you hear me shouting for joy) will be 25 October - we will also have full blood work down and urine tests, before the start of the scanning 31 October.

Dr De Jager will be away in India for a cancer conference from 27 Oct for a week so the scans wil be done while he is away - we are hoping they give the scans to us so we can at least have a look see at the report while we wait for the MIBG scans on 7 & 8 November.

We saw our friends Ruan and Yolandie this morning, Ruan is in for a 5 day treatment this time - he is walking to! As soon as he saw us he smiled and pointed to Deqlan - Our little soldier also gave a big grin back and they where clearly happy to see each other.

So we will count the days down in anticipation of the last , please Dear Lord, ever chemo session on 25 October!

Thank you for your emails, calls, sms, posts and above all prayers for today, we appreciate them more then you know! What a Blessing we have recieved in you all supporting Deqlan and being with us through this journey.

I have decided when a little bit of worry comes into my mind that I am immediately going to change it into a prayer, because I know that fear does not come from Our Lord. I place ALL MY TRUST IN HIM! Thank you Dear Lord for being with us through this journey and protecting and guiding us and for taking such wonderful care of our beautiful soldier, Deqlan

We recieved even more contributions to our CHOC food packs today - thank you so so very much Kyla, Dave and kids for the peanut better, rice, powered milk,jungle oats, spagetthi and custard powder - WE and the families that our going to be enjoying them say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the effort you went to and for being such wonderful friends to Megs - i hope our friendship also grows, you are wonderful people!

A quick update on Kate, she has started working around and started on clear fluids - all systems need to be working and Kate needs to be eating normally before they can all return home. They will also recieve the final details from the biopsies performed on the tumor today - please pray for fantastic results.



Claire said...

HOORAY!!! Almost there. Deqlan, we are so proud of you. You have done so well.

Thank You Father God for taking care of Deqlan during this trying time. Thank you Father God for holding Samm & Mark in your arms and being a source of comfort during these past months.

I continue to pray that the Lord continues to walk with you all and keep you all safe. Deqlan is a precious Gem in the Lords crown, he shines so bright for all to see.

We are so happy that this is nearing an end.

Remember if anything is ever needed we are only a phonecall away.

God Bless you dear friens, may the Lord pour blessings on your family in abundance.

Claire, Stephan & Hannah

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are getting so close to the end of the chemo. What a wonderful feeling that must be for you and your family. Even thought we lived so far away, I feel so close to Deqlan and just pray for a complete recover for him.
Charli Anns' Grandma B

Anonymous said...

Mark, Samm and Deqlan,
ONE MORE TO GO is huge! So glad that it went well today! I liked your comment about turning fear into prayer. I try to do that too and it has given me an immense amount of peace. Our God is so good! I hope Deqlan does very well between this round and his last and will have all of you in my prayers and close in my thoughts as well.
Hugs, prayers, support and hope always,
Karen, Kate and crew

Anonymous said...

What great news!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you ALL especially Deqlan.
We wont be here for his next session, but he will be in our thoughts and we will keep praying.

lots of love
Jelenka & Gianna

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

What great news! You have been a shining star in all of our lives little guy! The end is near and we hope and pray that you wont need any more of that "yucky" medicine!
Matthew had his tonsils removed on Monday thats why I have been so scarce! He is doing better today!
We continue to pray for full and permanent healing for you Deqlan! The end is in sight...... Hooray!
With lots of hugs and kisses!
Bron, Kobus and Matthew

Anonymous said...

Hi Deqlan, Samm & Mark

Deqlan you are a special gift from God, and know that he is with you every step of the way! His army of Angels are guiding you and protecting you helping you fight! We praise you God for healing, and we thank you Lord!

You are a gorgeous boy! Keep on fighting the last steps!

Ant & Kars