Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Countdown to scan day has begun!

Helping my Nanna unpack the Dishwasher

Watching my Dada and Mamma tie the knot

Logs and Bev

Dad & Logan
Samm & Logs

Meggies tummy is growing!

Hello All

I know we always say we had a lovely weekend, but we continue to be Blessed with them!

I got the oppurtunity to see Logan, my 5 year old step daughter for those of you who havent had the pleasure of meeting her yet! I havent seen her in over 5 months, since Deqlan was diagnosed! Doc De Jager gave me the all clear to see her for a bit on Saturday morning as long as she wasnt sick and as long as i didnt kiss her or we didnt breath on each other. She was in her element to start they day off with my mom - its like fairyland here at Nannas house! I then met her here so that she wasnt in the car where Deqlan sits ( just in case).We caught up a bit and i couldnt believe how big she has gotten, she has grown so tall and has become even prettier then i remember! And what a rugby fan she is ..Samm what team does Habana play for ? She knows most of the players names, more then i do! Grandpa, Nanna and I then took Logs shopping and met Meggie to also say hello! Meggie told Logs she could choose one toy and you know what she chose - a rugby ball ! not a doll or cute girls stuff - a rugby ball! She was very chuffed and even more chuffed when we went to the petrol station to blow it up for her. We also went for a quick bite to eat at Woolies and there where twins sitting next to us, they must have been around 6 months old.I remarked and said , AW they are beautiful. Logan immediately said,Deqlan is also beautiful Samm, my heart melted. Logan has the most beautiful , gentle soul and loves her brother so so much. She asked when she could come and sleep by us again and we had to give her a very rough explanation of whats been going on, she said she understood and gave one of her new toys for Deqlan to play with when he came to Nannas house again. I love her so much and miss her terribly, cant wait for her to come and stay again and for her and Deqlan to get up to mischief together!
Logs was then luck enough to go with Granny Rene and Grandpa Quinton to the Zoo for Granny Renes work Christmas party ! I believe she had the time of her life and saw lots and lots of animals - Logs absolutely adores animals of all kinds so im sure she was so happy!

Then On Sunday she got to see her bestest friend Caleigh so she really had a fantastic weekend!

Have posted some photos so you can see how big she has gotten, cant believe she will be going to grade 1 next year!
Deqlan had a great time to playing with Dada and helped me do a bit of cleaning up on Sunday! Deqlan does not enjoy sleeping at the moment and decided he only needed 1 nap on Sunday - he then proceeded to stay awake from 1330 to 2200 on Sunday evening! I dont know how he did it and we tried several times to get him to sleep but he was not interested. We thought he would sleep very soundly on Sunday night but he tossed and turned and woke up at 6am ! So none of us got much sleep Sunday night. He just seems to not be tired and fighting sleep , going to definitely try to get him to sleep earlier in the evenings he definitely needs more sleep , well at least i think so, then he is getting!
We watched the dvd of Our Wedding and Meggie and Conrads Wedding yesterday. Deqlan sat in his high chair in awe as he watched Dada and I say I do! Meggie took ome pics so you can see how intrigued he was. My, how long ago that seems, its been just over 2 years now and seems much much longer. What Blessings we have recieved the last two years in the form of our beautiful boy Deqlan!

I need to make mention that October is Breast Cancer awareness month and I know personally of friends who have gone through this trying and terrorfying time in their lives. Please visit the Breast Cancer Awareness Site to learn more and to know what symptoms to look out for.
Thank you for your prayers our friends Charli and Keira both got great news, there scans are unchanged so thats wonderful news, thank you Healing Father! We continue to pray for you girls and continue to admire your strength and courage!

Thank you to for praying for Ruan, i just heard that he is being discharged today - please pray for him to be healed , he has ALL a form of leukimia - what a gorgeous boy and what a stunning family , they are really so close to our hearts.
Please continue with your prayers for Kate - she will also be going for scans tommorow to follow up after her sugery and hopefully to remove her line to! We know you going to get great news to!

Wow - as i said to one of my friends earlier, my tummy feels like a washing machine when i think about tommorow - i am quite anxious and excited and impatient and all of these things together at the moment. I keep saying BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD - SACRED HEART OF JESUS I PLACE MY TRUST IN THEE ALL FOR THEE OH LORD OH MY JESUS ALL FOR THEE. I just have to continue to trust in Our Healing Lord that we are going to get great results that show Deqlan has responded amazingly to his treatment and that we are on the road to total and permanent recovery and to be NED - NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. We should get the scans back tommorow - the Doctor will decide tomorow on a MRI or Ct scan - this will let us look into Deqlans body to see what the main tumor has done, hows its reacted and to make sure there is nothing else we need to be concerned about. Next week scans will show if there is any cancer activity left in any areas of our soldiers body - PLEASE, PLEASE, PRAY VERY HARD WITH US THAT BOTH OF THE SCANS GIVE US THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS AND THAT THEY ALL POINT TO DEQLAN BEING NED. PLEASE PRAY THAT DEQLAN HAS A SMOOTH TIME TOMMOROW AND THAT HE IS NOT SCARED AND THAT HE HAS A LOVELY SLEEP WHILE THE SCANS ARE BEING DONE. PLEASE PRAY FOR MARK AND I - THAT WE HAVE THE LORDS HAND OVER US, AS WE ALWAYS DO, THAT WE FEEL AT PEACE AND ARE COMFORTED BY THE AMAZING WORK HE HAS DONE IN DEQLAN. PLEAE PRAY FOR OUR ENTIRE FAMILY FOR CONTINUED AND RENEWED FAITH, STRENGTH, COURAGE. PLEASE DEAR LORD LET DEQLAN BE ON THE ROAD TO TOTAL AND PERMANENTLY HEALING. IN YOUR HOLY AND HEALING NAME DEAR LORD, AMEN
Shall post tomorow as soon as im able to with any results we recieve - Please remember to wear cam or green tomorow in support of our soldier and send pics or messages letting us know what you wore for him!
I cant thank you enough for your continued support, love, prayers and for being there for Mark and I at every moment of this journey, we love you all very very much
God Bless, till tommorow then
All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Charli Ann said...

thank you for the kind mention of Charli in your blog, that is too kind.

It looks like you were able to figure out the blog stuff that we talked about - that's great!!

I hope you have a blessed week!