Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday, the 18th October 2007

i love spinning games!

me and my cousins baby mama!

standing all by myself!

the beautiful shoes meggy bought

our beautiful boy!

playing spinning games with my Nanna!

i love bath time!

The mission was beautiful - i am sad that i wont be able to attend the entire Mission but Mom and Meggy take notes and tell me all about it. Last night was about Faith and that you need to take that leap of Faith! You cant bargain with God and that Faith helps you accept the Will that God has for us. Also, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD, NOTHING. They then Blessed some bread and shared it among our parish to take home to our families and share with them - bread is the symbol of life. It was very special indeed.

Our Soldier has had a little bit of a rough day today - he didnt sleep great last night, tossing and turning and waking every two hours - i was deciding on whether it was his teeth or tummy waking him up. Today, I definitely know it was his teeth . I thought we had two teeth on the way, well there are definitely 4 today. The incisor at the bottom is really giving him a hard time , he doesnt want to eat ( he had some chocolate though, always room for chocolate) and is being more difficult then normal. Shame, I hope they arrive soon so that they stop worrying Deqlan so much.

Meggy has only 3 months to go before she has a beautiful boy of her own in her arms - they go for another check up next week - but i must say Meggy is looking more beautiful then ever. I actually had a dream about what her little one would look like so it will be very interesting to see what he does look like when he arrives in Feb! Megs has supported another worthy cause today. Children join a wilderness camp each year and they desperately need closed shoes in order to protect their feet and still enjoy this amazing experience. Meggy is going to give 3 gorgeous kids a brand new pair of shoes. Megs you never cease to amaze me, you have a huge heart and you always always help others in need. I salute you and I am so proud to call you my sister.

We are also trying a whole lot of new and 'exciting' ( maybe to us) food to give Deqlan some variety - well, he definitely doesnt like paw paw , or corn on the cob,but is loving bread crusts with marmite or bovril on. We tried some lovely steamed fish and gem squash for lunch, but not interested, but i think its cause of the teeth. Also tried some strawberries, and again no luck - ill continue to persevere and know that he will eventually at least try some of these new things!

We collected MORE contributions for our CHOC food packs last night. From Our Dear Friend Barbs and her friend Sonia - wow - thank you so so so very much for the wonderful and amazing contribution of rice, soap, milk powder, syrup, maize meal, macaroni, toothpaste, jik, deodorant, dishwashing liquid, sugar, rooibos, handy andy , tomato sauce, peanut butter, sta soft, coffee, jam, washing powder and bovril. I sincerely and humbly thank you both for being so unbelievably generous and giving. The family that is going to benefit from this says thank you and so do I, you are wonderful people.

The countdown has begun, this time next week , 25 OCT our LAST ROUND OF CHEMO ( please Dear Lord EVER) will be over and the test and scans begin, please continue to pray for our beautiful soldier to be totally and permanently healed.This day also marks exactly 5 months ago we heard the words, YOUR SON HAS NEUROBLASTOMA.
I must wish a VERY SPECIAL little princess Happy Birthday for tommorow! Gianna, Happy Happy 1st Birthday big girl! Hope you have a stunning day, enjoy your Marie party, wish we could be there with you, but know we are in spirit! Have a big piece of cake for Deqlan - he sends you lots of love and a huge hug and kiss! Stay the very special little girl you are and look after your Mommy and Daddy! They are such special friends of ours! Have a stunning time Gianna and Jelenka in Australia, fly safely, have a ball and cant wait to hear about it when you get back!
Happy Birthday to my dear friends Christelle and Tania, also for tommorow 19 Oct. Hope you both have a stunning Birthday full of everything your hearts desire. May Our Lord continue to protect and keep you both safely in his loving care. Have the best year ever ahead, thank you for being the amazing freinds and people you are! Lots of love to you both
Its a busy day , Happy Birthday to you to Sands for tommorow. Hope you have a great day and hope all your dreams turn into realities! Hope you are spoilt rotten and have a fabulous year ahead! Lots of love from all of us

Have a lovely weekend if we dont write again - go springboks - can you imagine the celebrations! ENJOY THE NEW PHOTOS OF OUR GORGEOUS SOLDIER


MARK 9;23

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


barbara said...

thank you samm and megs - you and your whole family are more than amazing and we love you so much. isn't deqlan's eye looking absolutely perfectly wonderful - dear Jesus we give YOU ALL THE GLORY!!!

Anonymous said...

Was just sitting her saying a prayer for Deqlan and thinking of all of you. I can't believe you are so far away but seem so very close at times like this. I love the new pictures and also wanted to send Megs a hug - I can't wait to see her son too! You are all such a special and kind family. HUGS!!!
Hugs, hope, prayers and support forever,
Karen, Kate and crew