Friday, October 12, 2007

Update on Kate

Hi All
Just a quick update on our friend Kate:

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2007 07:58 PM, CDT
Well, here is our fourth and final update for today. Kate is still resting comfortably thanks to morphine. Her vitals are pretty good. She has a slight temperature that isn't too concerning yet. Right now we are working on getting her to pee - they might do a bladder scan (a mini ultrasound) to see that all is right down there. I hope nothing is wrong. Twice now she has given me the sign language for drink but she won't be allowed to drink or eat until tomorrow at the earliest. She's also said a few words but is mostly sleeping. I'm very tired and hoping to catch a bit of sleep in the chair right next to her crib. I posted a few pictures of her so you can see how she looks right now. It sounds like all the tubes will be in for a few days so I'm planning to celebrate as each one comes out. I'm also aching to see her real personality as soon as possible. Overall I'm grateful and glad to have this first day behind us.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2007 03:23 PM, CDT
We are back with our precious redhead and up in the familiar 8th floor oncology world. We haven't been able to hold her yet and it may be awhile before she wants us to. She didn't like being transferred in to her crib up here but she opened her eyes when I sang her "You Are My Sunshine." We ask that visitors please wait for a couple of days before stopping by - we would like her to relax quietly until she's able to move around without a lot of pain. More hugs to everyone - we are blessed beyond words to be where we are right now.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2007 02:12 PM, CDT
Kate is in the recovery room and did fine. No blood was needed and the incision isn't as large as they thought it would be. They didn't get much of the tumor but the news is still good. The tumor was very fibrous and looked and felt like dead scar tissue. It was so thin and tightly wrapped around critical elements that the risk/reward scenario for removing all of it wasn't in our favor. The surgeon took enough samples from the various sections for a complete biopsy. We should have those results by Monday at the latest. The biopsy will be used to confirm that everything is indeed dead and that there aren't any microscopic traces of active cancer. The remaining tumor in her body should never cause her any difficulty or discomfort. We are so glad she is through the most dangerous part of today. The next few days could be tough. She has a NG (nose drain) tube and a bladder tube which will stay in for a day or two. She will be really sore and on morphine for a bit. We haven't seen her yet and are anxiously awaiting the call to go back there. It sounds like we won't need to go to the ICU (thank God!) and will most likely be admitted to the oncology floor for her recovery. It sounds like we might be here five to seven days...I'll let you know more once we get a bit more clarity. Thank you all ever so much for your support and prayers have no idea how much they have helped.


Our Little soldier took more steps today so im sure he will be running pretty soon at this rate!
Have a lovely weekend and God Bless
Lots of Love
All of Us

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