Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More thank you's

Hello All

Our little soldiers appetite has been great the last few days and we slowly finding things he loves to eat! He loved some chicken and potatoes last night and loved some spagetthi and meat balls ( shoe laces and soccer balls, so sweet) from Woolies - he is definitely a Woolies baby, like Mama like son!

He now has 5, yes 5 teeth on the way, all at the same time! He is miserable at times but i think we over the worst as we can see them now, they out the gum and Deqlans eating better and not moaning as much.
Wanted to say thank you so very much to Yvonne De Waal, Theresa's Mom, for the stunning Christian DVD you bought for our soldier - we are very excited to watch it and we are sure Deqlan is going to love it very much - thank you for being so thoughtful and for continuing to keep Deqlan in your prayers.
Thank you to our dear friend Sam McCann, family & friends,,thank you so much for the unbelievable donation for our CHOC food packs - you have a huge heart and where so generous to donate the tea , toothpaste, tins of food, sugar, margarine, tomato sauce, peanut butter, coffee, syrup, handy andy, jik, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, soup, deodorant, cream & soap - what blew us away was the hand painted t shirts for the CHOC kids - wow Sam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts - there is nothing you wont help with - you always go out of your way , thank you so very very much, you are 1 special lady!

Kate and the Jacobs family still waiting on results which are they are hoping to recieved today please continue to pray for great results.
Have attached some photos of Deqlan and Great Grandads walking stick,enjoy!
Please continue to pray that this 11th round of chemo will do the trick should there be any other cancer cells around and that this will be his last round of chemo Deqlan will EVER NEED AGAIN.
Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our trust in Thee, all for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus ALL FOR THEE

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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