Friday, October 5, 2007

Round 9 down!

What a star patient Deqlan was today - again, not even a tear or moan as sister Suzette inserted the needle into the porto cath. He enjoyed eating some flings and watching his beloved May May on dvd. Nanna and I each held a hand to keep him from discovering the needle and then trying to pull it out! He was really the best patient i have ever seen! It took only about half an hour for the vincristine to run in and the line to be flushed and then Dr De Jager did a full check up - he is very pleased with Deqlan ! His weight stable at 10.3kg and all else looks great

We go for the 10th round 15th October, exactly the same procedure as today

11th round on 25th October where blood tests and urine tests will be done in the build up to the final re assesment

We then go back for ct and mri scans 31 October - scans will be done of the pelvis, chest, abdomen

First part of MIBG scan will be done 7 November, second part 8 Novemeber and the same day we will sit down with Doctor to discuss the results and where to from there!

On the whole Doc seems very happy and very positive today - thank you Dear Lord, music to my ears!

Thanks so much for your prayers for today and for Deqlans total and permanent healing - I know Our Lord is listening, he always does! Please continue to keep all of our friends in your thoughts and prayers - especially Kate as the Jacobs family await the results of all the tests they have this week!

God Bless have a stunning weekend and remain the amazing loyal strong comforting encouraging army you are

We love you all

Thank you Dear Lord that round 9 is down and only 2 to go, WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS US
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear Deqlan is doing well and doctor is happy with everything. Hope he is not feeling to yukkie.

thinking of you

love Jelenka