Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wizards/CHOC Biker rally

Yolandie and Miluska!

The Yolandie's from CHOC
We where totally blown away as we arrived at Route 66 at Hartebeespoort Dam for the Wizards/CHOC Biker rally - inspired by our soldier Deqlan!
We where totally over whelmed at the huge turn out - each Biker had to bring food/toiletries etc or pay a donation as entrance fee and I must say every biker i saw had a packet in their hands with numerous goodies in ! They also sold badges - they had 200 made and within 1 hour of the rally starting they where old sold out and people where begging for more!
The master of ceremonies did a quick speech to thank everyone for coming and then he gave a quik run down on Deqlan and mentioned that he was the inspiration for the rally. He then very proudly anounced that our scans on Thursday showed that no cancer cells lit up! He then asked us to say a few words and I just thanked everyone for coming and expressed my sincere thanks for them not only helping Deqlan but numerous other CHOC families in need. I then said that I hoped they would all get the oppurtunity one day to meet our brave soldier!
Thank you to Elriza and Jo and all at Wizards and Route 66 for arranging this - it was a fantastic day and hoping the donations kept pouring in for our friends at CHOC! We are amazed at the love and effort put into this day and cant wait to attend the next one! You are such amazing people and we are so grateful to have you on this journey with this and the families of CHOC, thank you!
Have a stunning evening everyone! Please let us know how you are!
MARK 9:23
God Bless , and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Sam, Mark and Baby Deqlan,

I read your blog today, which was filled with wonderful news. I had a lump in my throaght and had to fight back the tears of joy, and I thanked the Lord that he blessed you with good health!!!

It reminded me of our own journey not too long ago and the joyous outcome of that....I guess at the beginning of the journey we often don't understand why such a thing should happen to innocent special little people, however in the end it all comes together and you realise that God has handpicked you and used you as a tool to show all how GREAT he is....even to those who have been lost and have given up!!!

I know he will keep blessing you guys, cause you are sooo special!!!

Keep the faith