Monday, November 12, 2007


The very first place we took Deqlan "out" to was our church for mass on Friday morning- it was wonderful - there where only 6 other people so that takes care of us still avoiding crowds until his immune system is stronger. There are also about 12 ceiling fans in the church so Deqlan was in his element watching them go round and round - he didnt know which way to look!
It was a wonderful feeling to all be together in church giving thanks and praise and everything and everyway i could possibly say thank you to Our Lord , I did and shall continue to do so each and every day of my life
Nanna took our Deqlan for a walk around the church grounds and they found a piano in the hall - well, Nanna said Deqlan giggled and chuckled as he laid his hands over the piano keys! Maybe we have a motzart or beethoven in the making - must be from all the Baby Einstein DVDS!
We got home on Friday afternoon Dada presented Deqlan with a medal and a trophy! On the medal it says
8 NOV 2007

Its the most stunning gift I have ever seen ! I know Deqlan is going to treasure these. He was very chuffed with them and walked around with the medal around his neck showing everyone what a brave boy he is! Its a day that will be engraved in our hearts and minds, forever.
Meggy and Conrad arranged for the packing of the CHOC food packs on Friday night. We had Grandpa and Great Grandpa and Nanna putting the 50 boxes together and strapping them securely and then laying them out to be packed with all the goodies! We had Nanna, Meggy, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, Nix, Sam, Kelly, Claire, Vanessa, Karen, Elriza, Loren & Sophie running a very smoothe production line. In no time at all , over 2500 products had been sorted and packed into the 50 boxes!!!!
Our soldier was in awe of all the activity and walked round and round and round again to see the friendly faces he hasnt seen in ages or at all- he was full of energy and enjoyed his first evening out in 6 months thoroughly!
We all enjoyed some boerewors rolls and watermelon during our much needed break and then continued to pack the remainder of the items which included some stunning t shirts from the Grade 9 Students at Sutherland High School. 230 Students where given this a project, by their teacher, and our great friend Sam - to create t shirts that represented South Africa. We had a fantastic time looking through all of them and stunned at the creativity and amazing ideas on them all! Each box got at least 2 or 3 t shirts /jeans/shoes and that completed our Christmas Packs for 50 very special and Blessed CHOC families
Thank you Meggy and Conrad for letting us use your house to pack all the boxes - thank you Meggy for initiating this project - wow - you blow me away - you have the hugest heart and the most giving spirit - thank you for honoring Deqlan in this way and for putting such an amazing team together to get this project off the ground- i am so proud of you and there are alot of people who have said if you ever need more help for your next charity project they will be there! We love you both so very very much! There are not enough times i could say thank you and not enough ways i could show you but I promise to try!
Dee, Mom and Grandpa thank you for getting everything organised for us, for putting the boxes together and closing them again and for helping us every step of the way with this. Thank you for every single moment of every single day. As Mom said Dee, without you none of this would be possible, I appreciate every single moment of every single day that you always put us first in, that you wil do anything to ensure Deqlan has the best of everything and that he is taken care of above all other things. For carying Mark and I when we needed you and for taking such good car of Deqlan. There are not enough times i could say thank you and not enough ways i could show you how thankful and grateful we are but i promise to try!
Thank you to our amazing friends & family who jumped into this challenge head first and grabbed any oppurtunity to assist with the packing - you are an amazing team! Thank you My love, Mom, Dee, Grandpa, Meggy, Conrad, Sophie, Loren, Kelly , Sam, Karen, Nix, Claire , Vanessa, Elriza - we are Blessed to have had your help on Friday evening and so grateful for spending your Friday night with us - you have made a huge difference to so many people, thank you , you to are such special people and we love you all!
Thank you to the grade 9 Students at Suthies for your stunning shirts - we loved looking at them and we know these kids are going to love their one of a kind designer shirts! Thank you for opening your hearts and minds and for being such a huge and special part of our project , we are very proud to come from Suthies!!!!!
Thank you Dear Karen for the STUNNING gifts for Deqlan and I. The most beautiful books I have ever seen ! Deqlan has been playing with them all weekend and he especially loves the car book and the pull out tool book - they are stunning, thank you so so so so very much! Thank you for my beautiful book and for my voucher - i cant wait to go and be spoilt a bit and relax ! You are so sweet to think of me to!Thank you!
Dear Claire, Stephan and Hannah - thank you so much for curios George - the cutest and most adorable monkey i have ever seen! Deqlan LOVES George and laughs each time we push his tummy and bubbles float out his mouth - Thank you for spoiling Deqlan rotten, you are so special to always think of him! Thank you our dear friends!
Again, to you all, for your AMAZING contributions - thank you! EVERY single item is going to nourish, clean, comfort 50 families for an entire month- what an amazing Christmas present you have given these families - from Deqlan, from us, from our friends at CHOC, we thank you all - may God continue to Bless you all richly - Deqlans army!

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