Thursday, November 1, 2007

...and they keep pouring in...

A huge thank you to Nats and Philip for opening your hearts to our cause - thank you so much for all the deodorants, soaps, body washes and sunlight soap ! You have such a giving heart and we are so thankful and grateful for your support and encouragement for checking in with us, all your prayers and for being such amazing friends to us - thank you and thank you and thank you again!

Have posted some photos of our day yesterday - our Soldier was so very very brave! He was very drowsy the rest of the day and evening and dizzy to - but his back to his normal very busy self today - his thrush is still quite bad in his mouth - especially in his cheeks but it seems to be better after a new ointment Nanna found for him.

I was at the doctor this morning with a suspicous spot on my tummy! Went to the doc and she seems to think it could be shingles - the adult form of chicken pox - it has been lying dormant and has woken up because of my stress levels and low immune system ! So we hit panic stations as we are now worried Deqlan could get chicken pox! Our Doc is away in India on a conference so couldnt speak to him but have spoken to another onocologist and other NB Moms and the Oncologist at Sloan in NY and they advise we give Deqlan a shot called Vazigame to prevent him from getting chicken pox - has to be given within 96 hours to being exposed - i have found a pharmacy that stock it will go and get it and now waiting for our gp to call back to see if she will give it to Deqlan - please pray that Deqlan doesnt get chicken pox and that his thrush gets better asap, Please dear Healing Lord! Shall keep you posted!

Have a lovely evening, love and Gods Blessings to you all!
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Certainly praying for NO chicken pox and for healing for you too, Samm!

Try to let go of the worry and stress in your head and focus on God's peace in your heart! That will certainly help with the healing!!

We will hold all of you in prayer on this tonight!

Hugs, hope, prayers and support always!
Karen, Kate and crew

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam ,Mark and Deqlan ,praying that Deqlan wil not get chicken pox ,but also Sam will recover soon .
Also praying for peace and rest and blessing at this time .
love and prayers Ruth xxx