Sunday, November 25, 2007

25 November 2007

Today marks exactly 6 months ago that Deqlan was diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma

I cant believe that is has already been 6 months and i cant believe what a turn around our soldier has made. Our Lord has listened to, and granted our prayers and performed absolute miracles not only in Deqlan and our lives , but many others.

We are so proud of you my boy - you have tought us, and continue to teach us new things each day. The most important being our Faith and Trust and Hope in Our Healing Lord. Never give up hope, always look to The Lord for guidance, and protection, strength and courage. The things that we worried about before, are of little or no importance and not worth getting upset about. You have tought me a love I have never known - a love so deep - that it completely breaks my heart when you bump your head, let alone go through 3 surgeries. Our Healing Lord, Family and friends are our rocks and support and without them , we would not be able to remain so positive and focused. I dont know of anyone, nor will i meet anyone , that has the strength and courage you do - you blow me away with your smiles, and kisses and cuddles, and there is not better feeling in the world then having you in my arms. We love you our beautiful soldier - we are SO SO proud of you , you are our hero and inspiration and we promised to always be by your side and to continue fighting against this enemy with you. With Our Lord, you are victorious! We love you with our all and everything , Dada and Mama

Our little soldier continues to run around - he cant seem to go fast enough - especially when he hears or see's something that excites him! Big cook, little cook definitely gets Deqlan running to the tv, from wherever in the house he is, as well as the sound of the washing machine about to be loaded. He is definitely getting braver by the day and walks more and more without our hands and he seems to enjoy 'sneaking' a longer walk in when he thinks we not watching - Mark and I gleam with joy and pride when we peak around the corners to see him taking his 'giant steps for mankind'

Deqlans hair continues to grow beautifully, still very light , but more each day! We weighed our tough little guy on Friday and discovered he is up to 11kg, which i am so thrilled about. We are tasting more new foods and Deqlan is becoming more adventurous with textures, but he definitely still has his firm favourites - apple juice, cheese, chocolate, bread, peanut butter,chicken, pumpkin, milkshakes, chips, and some times even broccoli and cauli flower.

Nanna, Meggy and I went to watch the nativity play at our church last night, and it was so moving - all three of us where in tears as the first word of the first Christmas carol was sung - it was so moving - so special, and I cant wait to see Deqlan as part of the nativity play in the very near future.

We then attended mass and got terrible news, that one of the congregation, Frank, had a terrible car accident last week , and is in ICU with possible brain damage - he has three beautiful boys - we ask you all to please pray for Franks recovery and for strength for their family.

Happy Birthday Gaynor ! Hope you have a stunning day and a fantastic year ahead - may all your dreams turn into a reality!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US - we hope you have a lovely celebration with your families, and as our friend Karen said, we hope so much to be celebrating this year and so much to be thankful for.

Today, also marks 1 month to Christmas! How exciting - for the first year ever, i have already started my Christmas shopping and have so many ideas - but this year , the emphasis is not on actual presents - the present this year and always will be, Deqlan and his health - our family and friends and loved ones - i an trying to put a lot of thought into the gifts i am putting together and thats the present i feel, not much or how big. The biggest gift anyone could recieve, is to know Our Lord and realising the enormity of the gift He gave us, His only Son, Jesus, that died for us , so we may live.

Have a stunning week , hoping to give you all more news on the possible sugery or not during this week.

Have a stunning week and be thankful for each other , and appreciate each moment you have together with your families, friends and loved ones.

MARK 9;23

God Bless
All our love
Mark , Samm and Deqlan

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