Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dale and Lisas wedding

We had a lovely time on Saturday 10 November and Dale and Lisa's wedding! Congrats Mr & Mrs Reid

It was a double celebration as we where all celebrating our little soldiers victory! Everyone came up to us to congratulate us on the excellent results and we smiled and we smiled and we smiled the entire night - as i told each person the story, the more the words continued to sink into me - THE MIBG SCANS SHOW NO ACTIVE CANCER - and each time i said Thank You Dear Lord, Thank you for the miracle you are working in Deqlan and through Deqlan by touching others !

It was a lovely wedding although we did miss our gorgeous Deqlan very much! He spent the night with Nanna and had an absolute ball as always!

Attached some pics from the wedding!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam, it was so great to have you guys and it was definitely a double celebration, thank you so much for coming and for the lovely gift xxx Love Mrs Reid

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam hope you had a happy and blessed birthday,
Continuing to pray for Deqlan .
Love to you all Ruth xx