Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday, the 7th of August 2007

Great news! Blood work is all fine for us to go ahead with the 5th round of chemo!

Deqlans HP (blood) levels where 10.8 - so higher then last time!
His platelet count was 399 well within the normal limits!
His white blood cell count low, but expected
All else great so we got the go ahead!

We got other great news - the urine tests we did for VMA and HMA ( the bi products of the hormones that are secreted from the tumor) came back significantly reduced to - this means that the amount of hormones being produced is by the tumor is becomoning less and less as the tumor decreases in sign This clinical picture confirms what we heard last week from the scans - so the picture is that the treatment is definitely working, but we know its Our Lord and all the prayers that is the architect of this healing!

Deqlan now weighs 9.5kg so picked up a little weight from last time which i am SO pleased about and he is now 79cm long!

He screamed and protested this morning as sister Alida put the porto cath needle into the port - I was very grateful that Nanna was in the room with me this morning - he took comfort in her arms and Nanna managed to eventually calm Deqlan down by playing with a doggy teddy and singing to him - its tough watching Deqlan scream and get so upset during this process but its more because of us hoding him down then anything else - he hates being restricted - he even dislikes most clothes and shoes because of this reason!

It has been quite a day in our room 23 B - Nanna ,Meggy & I trying to keep Deqlan occupied with things that he can watch or play with sitting down - as usual he wants to get onto the floor and crawl which we cant do here!!! So very frustrating for him at times - but we try and disctract him with something else

Dada will come and visit us after work - i wish you could all see the look and excitement on Deqlans face when he see's his Dada!

Nanna just found the most beautiful qoutes
"True Faith involves doing all you can and then letting God take care of the rest"
"God will never send a thirsty soul to a dry well"
" Faith is not an emotion is objective trust placed in a very real God"
"Faith does not demand miracles but often acomplishes them"

Deqlan has already recieved vincristine, carboplatin and nearly done on the first bag of Etoposide - we done for the day - get 1 more bag of etoposide tommorow then we can go home! Got to be very careful with him more then normal due to the powerful carboplatin and because of the freezing weather at the moment

What a soldier Deqlan is ! I love him more and more each second and I am so very very proud of him - he is so strong and The Lord will continue to guide protect and heal him

Thank you "Army", for all your love, support, encouragement and above all prayers - wow - together we are making such a difference - Our Lord is listening s he always does, HE HAS NEVER LET US DOWN- may he Bless you all to in every aspect of your lives

Have a lovely evening
All our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm, Mark and Deqlan!

I love the gorgeous photos!! Glad to hear everything went well today! Thinking of you all!

Your always in my prayers!

Lots of Love
Linz x x x x x x

barbara said...

such very great news!! Thank God and thank you guys for keeping us all posted! God bless you and keep you, now and always! love barbs xx

Anonymous said...

Love logging on in the morning and there is such good news!! Love Dale and Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi there Higgins Army,
I am so grateful that your little man is doing so well. God is good. I won't be checking in on your blog for the next while, as I'll be off work. Soon as I get back, I'll be "there" again - celebrating and jubilating that Deqlan is HEALED.
God bless,

Charli Ann said...

so glad to hear the blood work came back good and that the urine came back with positive results - that is amazing!

Love the quotes...I LOVE inspirational quotes - I tend to find much needed inspiration, hope, faith, and comfort in them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev Sam ,Mark and Deglan you are in my thoughts and prayers.
So pleased Deglan is geeting better continue to pray for you all.
lots of love Ruth xxx