Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, 27th August 2006

The Great Physician Himself, our gracious Lord, has answered our prayers in that Deqlan's blood counts were substantially improved, with all his Hb (haemoglobin), Neutrophils (white blood cells vital for immunity and fighting any infection) and platelet (went from 29,000 to 203,000) levels increased enough to allow the 6th round of chemotherapy to commence this afternoon. The needle insertion into his portocath went well, without any signs of distress from Deqlan this time. Our brave warrior currently has a passion for anything that spins, so we are keeping him delighted with fans (which spin with a kaleidoscope of colours), cars (for their wheels), helicopters and planes (for their propellers) and laser beamed spinning tops. Having restricted space in the oncology unit means that our creative talents to keep Deqlan occupied are being thoroughly tested. His cot faces the parking area with the helipad a few metres away. so there is a lot of activity he can observe (cars and golf carts with wheels) all day long. I am sure he would be enthralled if he actually saw a helicopter land sometime during his stay (over the 3 days) this time !!!

God's richest blessings to you all and our loving thanks for all your prayers, concern and support, all of which are so very much appreciated by Deqlan, Samm, Mark and the whole family. Samm will update the blog later this evening. Have a blessed day and our love to you all.

Deqlan is a mighty warrior for the Lord, his "armour is devotion" and the "Gospel is his sword" (with kind permission from the song "Dominique" as sung by Debbie Reynolds in the movie entitled " The Nun's Story" (Gosh, now I AM giving my age away !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear Deqlan's blood count is up and that the 6th round of chemo could take place.

thinking of you all