Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, the 25th of August 2007

We have just returned from meeting with Yolandi from CHOC

We gave her Deqlan Bubbles of Hope and Balloons of Bravery as well as some sweets for the Cancer Kids at Kalefong Hospital - they are celebrating the birthdays of the children that have had birthdays over the last 6 months and where not fortunate enough to have a party of their own

We wish we could be there to see the smiles on their faces but hopefully we will get some photos from Yolandi to share with you all

Im so glad that we could bring some joy to a few children - i cant not wait to be involved with more projects in the future - what an amazing feeling to know that we are helping other children by taking their minds of this dreadful disease even if its only for a little while. What brave soldiers they are - please pray that Our Lord will continue to protect them from all harm and heal them totally and permanently and that He gives their families the strength, courage and Faith to carry on.

Deqlan looks great today - he has more colour and his feet look a lot pinker - so im sure the platelets are climbing again and his HB improving - he is covered in bruises though, my little dalmation! He is crawling all over the show, and what a pace i must add, and he is standing up and trying to walk around the furniture so he has had a few falls - but the bruising also looks slightly better

He still has a terrible bruise where the needle was inserted for the porto cath , but im sure that it will disappear soon to

We are definitely keeping him in doors this weekend as the weather has gotten very cold - hoping it warms enough for us to take Deqlan walking in his pram so he can see the doggies and get some fresh air.

We are due to arrive at Dr De Jager at 11 on Monday - will be there till Wednesday evening

Its Meggies Birthday on Wednesday 29 August, so we wont be able to spend the day like we normally would, taking her for breakfast etc - but we will be together at the hospital with Deqlan and she has assured me that is where she wants to be - so we will still do everything to make it a very special day for her

Please pray that Deqlans blood counts are high enough for us to continue on Monday with the 6th round. Please pray that his immune system strenghtens each day and that we remains well. Please pray that the chemo continues to shrink the main tumor and pull it away from the blood vessels. Please pray for Deqlans total and permanent healing. Please pray for all our friends fighting Neuroblastoma and other cancers

If you didnt see the papers this week - their was an article in the Rekord and Pretoria News on Jayden- he is 5 years old now, he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma last year Sep - the doctors didnt think he would make his Birthday in Dec - but he is still going strong, despite being given only a 5 % chance of survival. Reach for a dream has made it posible for him to record a song ' dance with my mother again' - an adapted version from Luther Van Dros' Dance with my Father again' He performed at the Pretoria Show last night and is performing at The Kolonade shopping centre next week Saturday - we plan to go and support him, please do to if you can! Please pray for the miracle in Jayden to continue and for strength for his parents.

Have a lovely weekend and will post again on Monday with an update!

God Bless

Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our trust in Thee, all for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus all for Thee

Lots of Love

Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Charli Ann said...

OOOHHHH Happy Birthday!!!

Awesome to see all the balloons! We are big into balloons also - and let a wish and prayer go with each balloon that goes into the sky!! PRAISE GOD!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm, Mark, Megan, Conrad, Bev, Derek and Deqlan!

You are all really amazing - you did something really special for those children. Hope all goes well for little Deqlan tomorrow. God Bless you all, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love