Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, the 20th of August 2007

Sorry for the late blog - been such a busy day!

We arrived at Dr De Jager at 10 and waited 2 hours for him to arrive as he had to attend a funeral.

We had minimum tears and distress with getting the needle into the port this time and we soon wiped them away by playing chasing games with my little soldier!

We met a lovely family, their little one, Keegan has a form of leaukimia and will be under going treatment for 3 years. He loved seeing Deqlan and they eyed each other out and a few smiles where exchaged! Keegan loved the toys we had for Deqlan today ! What another brave little soldier we met! We salute you Keegan and wish you a total and complete recovery!

Unfortunately, Deqlans blood count was just to low to go ahead with the 6th round today - his neutrophils where extremely low , his HB 9.1 , low but do able - so Dr was not happy to go ahead as planned. He is very happy with Deqlan otherwise, his eye looking great and all other vitals great and Deqlan even laughed when Dr checked for glands under his arms, he really has such a connection with this man - he is AMAZING and I always feel at peace with him. Deqlan is 9.5kg so stable from the last time. He is bruising easily as mentioned and these are definitely due to the platelets which are also very low - 29 - 20 and he would neet a platelet transfusion. He has given us more neupogen injections to try and aid the bone marrow healing during this week and we have planned to go back 27 August - Dr is sure he should be fine by then , as mentioned, he did expect Deqlans system to take a knock as the last round was very toxic.

This also means that his immune system is compromised even more this time around and we have to be extra extra careful this week - so i will move heaven and earth to ensure things stay as germ free as possibe and that even Mark and I limit contact with people especially children and those who are sick.

So we are home, happy to be home for our anniversary and watch Deqlan crawling around and laughing and talking - what an honour it is to spend our special day with him.

We accept that this is the plan the Lord had for today and we see it as an oppurtunity for Deqlans body to get even stronger before the next round ! We continue to give Our Lord thanks for getting us so far and for all his comfort and strength and renewed faith each day. How great he is!

Thank you for your continued love and prayers and support and we ask that you say an extra special prayer this week for Deqlans immune system to heal and for him to be strong enough to get the 6th round next week!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we plus our trust in Thee, All for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus All for Thee

God Bless, Sleep tight and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Charli Ann said...

I love reading your posts, you have a way of making everything just seem "alright". I hope you know this feeling soon...but now that Charli has been off treatments for awhile, I quickly forget the horrible pain/pit in my stomach that comes with going back for treatments. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it...but at the time - I rarly shed a tear...

Dear God, please continue to bless this family with your love and presence. They are doing an amazing job spreading your word and spreading your love - what wonderful people they are.

-the preisters

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Happy Anniversary to you! We will continue to pray and especially hard for Deqlans immune system this week! Hope you all have a fun fuiled week!

Always in our thoughts and prayers.
Lots of Love
Kobus, Bron & Matthew
P.S You guys are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

we will pray for Deqlan, so that he can be strong and ready for the next time.
you are all always in our thoughts.

love Jelenka

Anonymous said...

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