Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, the 9th of August 2007

Had a great day at home today as it was public holiday, so Mark was home with us the whole day was wonderful!

Dr De Jager was happy for us to leave yesterday - Deqlan delved into the chocolate mousse i had with my lunch and loved every bite of it! we where both covered with it by the time it was finished and had to change Deqlan before we went home !

He had another terrible reaction to the plaster - we definitely think he is allergic to them - i have been trying all different sorts including sensitive and hypo allergenic but they all seem to give him a terrible red rash when we remove them - shame, but i shall continue trying different things till we find the one that doesnt irriatate his delicate skin

As mentioned we got to be extra extra careful these next coming days and weeks to keep his immune system as protected as possible - we washed down all Deqlans toys and couldnt believe how much he had -we reminisced about each toy and who had given it to him - he decided it looked rather comfy in the bath where all the toys were sitting waiting to be washed! so we put him the bath with all his friends and he was quite happy to sit amongst them - hope to post a pic of this soon Mark and I had a real good chuckle!

Deqlan also LOVES the washing machine and tumble dryer and we have spent the evening in front of them as he takes delight in opening and closing the door and peering in side the machine! Perhaps he loves them so much as they are round and spin - as he has always loved wheels and watches them in absolute awe!

Nanna came around this afternoon to give the 1st of 8 neupogen injections - to boost his bone marrow ! Nanna doesnt like doing this as we know its not pleasant for Deqlan, but she is the best Sister Bev in the world and I couldnt imagine anyone else I would let give him these vital injections.

We can now see that Deqlans hair is definitely thinning out - we expected this to happen a lonnnggg time ago, Dr Dejager said within 3 weeks of starting chemo and its nearly been 8. But we are not saddened by this as we know its going to grow back even more beautiful and thicker then before! We love the red tint it has to it and hope this remains.

We will be back for round 6 20 - 22 August, our 2nd wedding anniversary is on 20 August so we will be glad to spend it with Deqlan in the hospital and will be honoured to celebrate with him!

I was very saddened to read about 3 children this week in the us that lost their fights of Neuroblastoma, Nathan, Christopher and Shania - although we did not have the privilige to meet these fine warriors , I ask that you all remember them and their families in your prayers - this is a horrible disease - these children are unbelievably and strong and courageous and i honour them. God Bless them all and lets continue to pray for all the children affected by cancer and all other diseases.

Back to work tommorow , luckily its Friday !

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for all the love and prayers and support, Happy Womens day to all of you - you are the best Moms, Grannies, Sisters, Aunties, Daughters, cousins , friends, granddaughters, neices

God Bless and all our love
mark,samm and deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hallo my dearest friends...

Wow, all seems to be going well. Deqlan seems to be going from strengh to strength. For this, we will be thankful, but continue to pray for complete recovery in your amazing little soldier. You guys are an amazing inspiration to us all and we speak of you every day. We love you guys more than anything. Please give Deqlan a big kiss and cuddle from us, and tell him every day that we love him.
Take care my friends.
Love Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

hi guys

glad all is going well and that Deqlan remains in such high spirits. We will continue to pray for all of you, especially Deqlan. You are always in our thoughts.

Neil, Jelenka & Gianna

Anonymous said...

Hi Deqlan,

Happy 11 months for Saturday, hope you had a fun day. Only 1 month to go until your big 1!You are an inspiration to all of us.... Continue to be as strong as you are, always in our thoughts and prayers.

Lots of Love

Bron & Matthew

Anonymous said...

Hello Dearest Higgins Family,

I can't tell you how happy we are that Deqlan is doing do well. Deqlan is a true warrior and fighter and he is a true inspiration to all of us. Hannah can't wait to meet Deqlan when he is able to be around kids again. I am sure they will enjoy playtime together.

Our father God is amazing, what a miracle he has performed in Deqlan.

Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7. Love to all.

All Our Love

Claire, Stephan & Hannah XXX