Sunday, August 5, 2007

sunday, the 5th of August 2007

We had a lovely weekend as always - its great to all be at home together!

Mark and i were treated to a night out with Megs and Conrad on Friday night - we went to have supper at Monte Casino , so Deqlan stayed with Nanna and Grandpa for the evening - I was missing him before I even left him but he didnt even seem to mind that i had left and had a FANTASTIC time with his Nanna and Grandpa - kept them laughing the entire evening!

We came accross a wishing stream at Monte Casino - and Kate & Karen in the US immediately sprung to mind ( they through coins for us at the zoo) so we all stood and took tons of coins out and stood saying each childs and their families name praying for their total and permanent healing and for Our Lord to continue guiding them - Deqlan, Keira, Kate, Charli, Charlise, Koketso, Connor, Madelyn, Ilsa, Yolanda, Miluska, JP , Benny , Hanco, Sarmone and all the others battling NB and other forms of cancer.

Was lovely to fetch Deqlan on Saturday morning and see his face as i walked through the door!

Great Grandpa, Nanna and I went to church ( Megs went to a friends 30th) and we purchased a rosary for Deqlan that one of the little girls in the Holy Communion class had made, she was so proud we chose the one she made! Everyone came to chat to see how our little soldier is doing and they continue to Pray for our beautiful boy - thank you dear friends

We spent the rest of the weekend running after Deqlan as he only wants to be on the floor crawling and pulling himself up onto anything he can get his hands around - his playroom has gotten to small and he wants to venture into every corner he can get into! He got his hands into the dog pellets today!!! We tried everything to persuade him to go to different areas of the house - but you know how it is - they want what they cant get ! Dada eventually moved the coffee table out of the lounge to make more space for Deqlan to roam and get ready to start walking! We are so petrified he bumps his head or slips so we follow him everywhere so we are getting lots of excercise

He also tasted his first sip of milkshake which HE LOVED and couldnt get enough of! He has Mark and I in stitches of laughter as we watched him enjoy every drop!

Please continue to pray for our boy, that our 5th round of Chemo goes extremely well - we will be in hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday - please continue to pray that the tumor shrinks into the nothing it is and pulls away from the blood vessels and that Deqlan has no side affects and continues to be the happy , bright, gorgeous sunshine of our life!

Hope you all have a great and Blessed week - as always, our love and absolute thanks to you our " army" for standing with Deqlan and us through this journey - your love , support and prayers are so appreciated and we recieve them with open and loving arms.

Sacred heart of Jesus we place our trust in Thee, all for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jeses all for Thee

Good night, sleep tight and have a Blessed week ahead
All Our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan!!


Charli Ann said...

your post brought tears to my know that someone so far away is keeping our precious daughter in your thoughts is unreal. I have been telling friends and family about your family as well.

The roads God puts us on sometimes can be hard to understand, but we must trust that with his help we will all get through.

Please feel free to email me at I look forward to learning more about you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm,

I am so glad things are going so well for you all and that you and Mark had a bit of "time out" on friday eve (you both deserve it)!

Please remember we are with you every step of the way!

God Bless
Bron, Kobus and Matthew

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Samm and Deqlan

Your up-dates have been 'easy' reading, and Deqlan sounds every bit as gorgeous as ever. We won't be able to be in touch for a little bit as we are on holiday and going away. We think of you constantly, and especially tomorrow when Deqlan starts another round of chemo.
We love you guys more than anything, and as tough as it must have been to leave him, it's good to hear that you and Mark have had some time out!
Take care and good luck with the next round.
I will write as soon as I can when we get back.
God Bless all of you x

Love Sam xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Deqlan is looking so well, thank you for the photos.

We will be praying for Deqlan's 5th round of chemo, sure it will all go well.

Jelenka, Neil & Gianna

Elriza said...

Good luck with the chemo today (Tuesday, 7AUG). I'll be praying for you the whole time! Thanx for all the wonderful updates!

x x x

Anonymous said...

Good luck today big guy!!!

You have so much support behind you that all the strength you show will power you through.

Love Coreen and Grant