Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday, the 2nd August 2007

Hi All

Just a quick hello and to let you know Deqlan doing well
no more evidence of the carpet burns on his head so he looks good as new
As always loving being at home this week and enjoying watching Deqlan pulling himself up on everything he possibly can...walking is definitely AROUND THE CORNER!
Cant believe Deqlan will be 11 months old on the 11th of August -time continues to fly

Im at home with Deqlan today and tommorow as Nanna is at the CCMA for her case which we pray is resolved this time - please pray for succesful results and that we can finalise this and Nanna can let it go and relax

We go for our 5th round of chemo 7 August - although this round is around 28 hours - so not long in hospital , Carboplatin will be used - this is the very very toxic chemo to bone marrow - so we have to continue being extra careful with his immune system. He will also get vincristine and Etoposide - this will mark the half way mark of our 10 planned treatments!!! Hooray!

Deqlan hasnt been wanting to eat much the last few days , but hoping his appetite will return to normal shortly - but, he still enjoys his favourite , chocolate !!!! Like Dad and Mom , like son

We heard from our friends in the US - remainder of Keira's tumor hasnt grown ,size has stayed the same, which is good news, they are waiting to hear more from the official report . Charli's tumor has also decreased in size! So great news - thanks for all your prayers for the girls to!

Please continue your prayers for our beautiful Deqlan, that the tumor continues to shrink into the nothing it is and pull away from the blood vessels. Please pray that he continues to do so well and no side effects from the chemo! Please pray that he continues to grow and remains the happy, courageous soldier he is that we absolutely love and adore more then anything on this earth.

Lots of love and God Blessings to you all
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby he is and he certainly is becoming a big boy now. It is amazing to see how much better he looks. We are so grateful that the chemo is working and wish we could be there with you. You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Miss you guys

Lots of love

Debbie, Jeff, Jared and Darryn

Charli Ann said...

Hello! I am sorry for only getting back with you now. Thank you SO much for adding Charli (and our friend Keira) to your list of prayers, what a difference that can make.

I will add your son to the list of links on our site, and will keep up on your story.

May God bless you in this journey...

Elaine said...

Hi Samm and Mark so happy to hear that Deqlan is doing so well, we hope that he continues to improve and the chemo does it's work.
Take care all of you, you are in our thoughts.
All our best wishes from Elaine, Paddy and Amy xxx