Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday, the 28th of August 2007

We had a good day - we have finished with the cisplatin and now getting 24 hours of rehydration - should be able to go home by 1600 tommorow!

Thank you all for your stunning emails, sms, posts and calls - we appreciate so very much- we are so Blessed to have the most amazing family and friends!

We saw Yolandi from CHOC today and she said the kids at Kalefong where in their element with their balloons and bubbles, many have never seen bubbles before and they were more interested in the bubbles then in their sweety packs! We cant wait to see the photos and to share them with you all

Another lady, by the name of Lois, a cancer survivor, comes to see Deqlan each time we are here, to see how he is doing and to pray with all of us for him- what a lovely and serene lady

Sister Felicitas also popped in this morning and this afternoon to check on our little warrior!

My friend Tracey from post natal classes also quickly popped in to say hi and check in on Deqlan! Her son, Luke turns 1 on 5 Sep- know him and Deqlan are also going to be great buddys!

Deqlan has been tired today - we didnt have the best nights rest - its always better to sleep in your own bed hey! But we do what we have to and he is catching up on the sleep today

He seemed a little nauseous at lunch time and then brought up a little this afternoon - first time ever from the chemo ,but it wasnt to bad thank Our Lord - he seems better now - they still give Kytril every 12 hours to try and help with the nausea - hoping he will eat a little better this evening

Tommorow is Meggies Birthday and we will be spending it with her here ! Happy Birthday my beautiful sister, i am so proud of you and for all you do for others - you always think of others first and you are always finding ways of helping other people - i admire you and look up to you so much - I love you very very much and Deqlan loves you with all his heart! Thank you for being the best sister and Godmother in the world! We hope you have a stunning day

Have posted some pictures of our new friend Ruan and Deqlan playing peek a boo through the window last night!

Thank you to Our Lord and Savior that all has gone great and will continue to tommorow - all glory and thanks to him!

Sleep tight, God Bless and lots of love

Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Elriza said...

hey guys,

The pics are beautiful!!! Hope everything goes well with the chemo. Lots of prayers form our side!!!

Wes & Elriza

Anonymous said...

Hello Again

The pictures are too cute. Hope you sleep well tonight.

Tell Megan i say Happy Birthday!

Give Deqlan a big hug & kiss from me!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Trust that you guys had a good nights sleep in your own beds last night and that al went well with his rehydration yesterday? The pics are so cute! He is really growing up so quickly. Before you know it you will be taking him to his first day at school!
You guys are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we know Deqlan is going to have a full recovery, the Lord is amazing!
Enjoy your time at home with the little dude.
Megs I am so happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday with your special family.
Take care guys and remember to stay strong!
With lots of love hugs and kisses
Bronwin & Matthew

God Is Always Near

One thing can always cheer me
When I'm feeling sad and low
When I tired of daily trials
That I have to undergo,
When those who should
Seem closest, seem like
People I don't know,
One thing can always cheer me
I know that God is near me.

One thing can always cheer me
When I do not understand
How pain and sadness
In our lives
Can get so out of hand,
When the best of human efforts
Doesn't meet the days demands,
One thing can always cheer me
I know that God is always near me.

One thing can always cheer me
More than anything I've known
And show me I will never
Have to struggle on my own
For no matter what might happen
I will never be alone
The thing that will always cheer me
Is just knowing God is near me.

Our lives are in God's loving
Hands, in everything we do
He is with us constantly,
He always sees us through.
And if our faith is strong enough
We'll never walk alone,
For with His great and perfect love
He takes care of His own.