Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update on Baby Declan!

Good Morning everyone, and what a great morning. I am just passing on the s.m.s. message I have just received from Gillian and Daryl.
"Declan has just come out of surgery. Surgeon says he is strong. He handled things Declan style. God held his hand again. Gillian is with him in recovery giving him a bottle. Doctor seemed happy that they got everything out and that chemo and radiation will take care of everything else."
Gillian says Declan's colour has returned to normal and he is now sleeping peacefully. Surgery was about 2 and a half hours and the surgeon was beaming from ear to ear when he went to speak to them. He says there are a few cells left on the bone but chemo and radiation will take care of that. Declan did not have any excess bleeding and they were able to remove virtually all the tumour. He will be on a morphine drip for the pain for a while, but knowing our Declan, he will prove to us he does not need this strong drug.
The morning got off to a shaky start as, when they arrived at the theatre, the surgeon was not there and a urgent search eventually found him at a lecture. A plastic surgeon was also supposed to be in attendance but he never arrived. However, we will deal with that surgery as and when the need arises. Gillian and Daryl are at his bedside just loving their precious son through this period.
Thank you to everyone who has held him up in prayer this morning. I will keep you up to date until Declan can get back to dictating his own update to his Mom. God Bless you all. Granny Wendy

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