Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you Christmas Helpers

Hello All

We have started packing and gearing to leave by 10 this morning, dont know if we will be done by then, but thats ok, no rush, just safe driving, especially in this rain! Mark still not letting up on where we are going - but our guesses our Dullstroom or Drakensberg - Mark not flenching when i mention either so maybe i am way out! All i know is that i have to pack for summer and winter because of the rain at the moment, cant believe most of our country still covered in rain after 1 week and terrible floods already hit the western cape! Dont know if we are going to do much swimming, i do hope so for Deqlan!
Thank you Darling Dee and Mom for one of my gifts being my haircut yesterday! thanks so much for spoiling me rotten, it was wonderful to be pampered and i am so happy with the result! thank you so much for my gift , you two are amazing, already missing you ...
I was blown away yesterday when Derek arrived back from a visit with Kathy with two beautiful gifts for The Choc Christmas Part for her and Vicky and her good friend Renee Watts - along with the gifts was a beautiful wire Christmas Tree, decorated with beautiful beads and decorations! Kath told me that she had made the tree herself - lovingly attaching each bead and decoration and even hand made the decorations of ginger bread man, Father Christmas, Christmas trees and more. It is absolutely beautiful , thankyou so much for going to so much effort to especially make this symbol of Christmas for the Choc Kids - they are going to love it. Thank you Kath, Vicky and Renne for always being a part of our projects, for never even thinking twice before jumping in and helping us, we appreciate it more then you know, thank you thank you thank you.

Megs was also paid a visit by Wendy and Chinique, who is out from the UK for a visit,yesterday afternoon. They to came bearing gifts for our Choc Kids ! Along with the many gifts was a huge collection of lego! Thank you Wendy , Chinique and all the amazing people that you work with Wendy, for again opening your hearts and spirits and again supporting an amazing cause. Words are not enough to say thank you, please know that we are so grateful and so thankful to you all, and cant wait to see the kids faces who are going to love and appreciate their beautiful Christmas gifts
Thank you all for bringing the true meaning of Christmas to life and for making this a special one for these brave brave warriors who never let something called cancer get them down, or destroy their spirit. Thank you for letting them be children and for focusing on an event so special and pure and full of love and laughter, thank you all.
Hope to let you know where we land up today, please pray for our safe travels!
Have a wonderful wet day!
God Bless, all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Caden Paul said...

Hey Samm, hope you guys have a fantastic time on your holiday. I know you'll enjoy it lots and lots! Drive safe and enjoy every second of it. Can't wait to see the pics when you get back!

Lots of Love
Elriza & Caden