Saturday, November 8, 2008

A significant day

Today, 8 November 2008 marks 1 year ago that Deqlan has his last MIBG scan which showed no evidence of disease! We continue to Praise and Thank You Lord for the miracle performed in front of our eyes through Deqlan - the healing, the incredible journey, the lessons learnt and the lessons we continue to learn, the appreciation we have for the important things in life , becoming closer to You Lord.

I will never forget going for the scan two days in a row, then being asked to give them 45 minutes to compile the report, then go back upstairs to get it. We went down to the cafeteria with Nanna and Meggie and waited and prayed, waited and prayed. Mark and I walked up to the nuclear medicine department and got the report in our hands, we walked around the corner and Mark opened the envelope, we both stood still in the passage, reading the words that jumped out at us - THERE IS NO UPTAKE OF THE ISOTOPE ANYWHERE ! the tears immediately starting pouring down my face, the thanks immediately started going up to Our Healing Lord. We couldnt get back down to Deqlan , Nanna and Meggie fast enough to tell them the best news we have ever seen - we all started crying right there in the cafeteris amongst our tea and sandwiches, amongst people sitting right next to us, wondering why we were crying. We quickly explained that they were tears of pure joy and happiness, they were so happy for us to - we practically ran down to Dr Dejagers office, we couldnt wait for him to open the envelope and see the greatest news ever! We went and got Deqlan a husky puppy teddy bear and we called him Victory - i will never ever ever forget that day, holding Deqlan in my arms and saying thank You Jesus for healing our beautiful boy.

Hope to bring you a Deqlan update today or tommorow! God Bless, lots of love,. thank you for all the prayers, Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Samm, you have brought tears to my eyes again!!! What a stunning MEMORY! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Love Sam xxxx

Ferreira Family said...

This is truly a day to celebrate. Deqlan, you have walked a very hard path and you conquered a very big obstacle. With God on your side, precious boy, anything is possible. I look at you and can just see the most amazing little man standing before me, so little but already so very wise. You have the most catchy little smile and the most wonderful character, you are truly one in a million and definately one of a kind.

You have the most wonderful family, brave soldier. A loving family that no doubt loves you so very very very much. I am sure there are not enough words for your mommy to express how much she loves, admires and adores you. You are truly a handsome young man and we look forward to seeing you grow up and flourish into an amazing man.

Samm, strong strong strong mother. I know i have said this so many times, but you are a true inspiration to me. You have this amazing calm & strength about you. Just looking back and seeing the tough times you have been through breaks my heart but it warms my heart to as I can see you absolute passion shine through for Deqlan & your family. You are an amazing mother and You continue with this amazing positivity that is so contagious. With God on your side anything is possible.

Enjoy all the celebrations with your amazing son.

God Bless you all and keep you safe.


Nanna and Grandpa said...

Our precious Samm, Mark and Deqlan,

I remember the day, the hour, the moment so very well. I remember thanking our Great God for the miracle for which we had prayed so faithfully,hard and with great belief. Seated, dignified and triumphant at that table in the LCM coffee shop, we praised God and acknowledged His greatness. I recall the cleansing effect of those happy tears of joy, I remember your and Mark's tangible elation .... we knew what it was, it was the feeling and sense of VICTORY. I remember the warmth and tenderness of our embrace and I remember how Deqlan smiled when I hugged and kissed him and whispered to him how very much I love him. I remember too, the indescribable love, admiration and humility I felt for my Samm and Mark who had managed this challenge with such faith, hope and trust in the Lord. It was a glorious day to see our prayers answered, when we reaped our promised reward from our Healing Saviour, in whom all things are possible.


Samm, Mark and Deqlan, we could not love you more. God's richest blessings always.

All our love,

Dee/Grandpa, Mom/Bev and Nanna