Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello Deqlans Army!

DEQLAN'S RESULTS ARE NORMAL! His VMA/HVA urine levels are smack bang in the middle of normal ! His Feretine level smack bang in the middle of normal!! PRAISE OUR AMAZING LORD FOR CONTINUING TO KEEP DEQLAN NED!!!

The raised NSE level is not a concern at all - it is not used as a marker for treated neuroblastoma - it is used during treatment and is not reliable to monitor after treatment -i have learnt my lesson, not to ask for results to be sent to any other doctors then Dr De Jager, cause he is the only one who can give us the correct explanations on these markers. We worried ourselves more then normal because of that phone call!

Thank you for all your love support and prayers you are amazing Deqlans prayer army!

We see Dr Dejager again 4 and 20 Feb! We wished him a very Merry Christmas as we wont see him at the CHOC party this year. What a wonderful man, one of Gods angels on earth we are sure.

While we where at Dr De Jager he had a call from another family of a little one who is 1 and a half, just diagnosed with neuroblastoma....just starting this journey - please Lord guide them, guide Dr Dejager and heal this child and all the other children fighting cancer.

Deqlan is battling a temperature - last night was up to 39.2! He also sounds congested and coughing so we think he has another respiratory tract infection - Little Keaton had a dose of baby measles and is now coughing , so much so, he is having physio - Nanna also come down with the URI - so we are presuming this little bug is making its rounds in our family. You can see Deqlan is a little miserable and perhaps sore muscles - he wont keep the cough mixture down, but Nanna trying to get him to sleep now and hoping the sleep will bring on lots of healing.

More great news for the day from our friend Will

Scans showed no new lesions and no change to his existing one!!! Praise Our Healing Lord again!

May you have the most fantastic weekend, my Birthday blog to follow soon i promise!

God Bless you all, for being a part of this healing journey, we are truly blessed
Lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Caden Paul said...

Wow, how amazing is our Lord! So grateful all is well and that a cough is the biggest of your worries at this stage! Good luck with fighting that little bug and congratulations again!

Lots of Love
Elriza & Caden

Anonymous said...

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! I have been thinking of you guys all morning. Praise the Lord that He continues to keep Deqlan safe from harm! Thank You Lord!!!!!

Love you guys loads. Relax now and have a fab week-end. Hope Deqlan and Keaton feel better soon xxxx

Love Sam (and Don, Mia and Liam xxx)

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news, you guys have been in my thoughts all morning! PRAISE THE LORD!
I am sure you guys are going to have a wonderful worry free weekend, enjoy it!
With loads of hugs and kisses
The Groblers

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news, I am so happy for you. Have a beautiful weekend.

JennBoBo said...

Good to hear that the results are all CLEAR! Way to go, Deqlan. Thinking of you always...

Take care,
Jenn & Adrian

rhenda Elsayed said...

hello,I'm so glad to hear your son is doing great! I;ve been reading your journals for a year now its so inspiring to me, my son Ali was diagnosed with neuroblastoma 4s last august at the age of 7 weeks he is now 17 months and he is still not cured from it, we are hoping soon this nightmare will be over and he too will be NED.please feel free to visit ali's site at caringbridge its "alielsayed". take care Deqlan YOU really gave me hope and I pray you stay NED forever may God bless and protect you always!! rhenda