Wednesday, November 19, 2008


and the celebrations continue ! i told you our family celebrates birthdays for a week, this time they really did it an absolute style

i was surprised again yesterday by my dear friend claire and her gorgeous kids hannah and ethan! Claire came to wish me happy birthday and surprisd me with the most stunning gift of photo frames, and you all know how much i love photos and to top it off , claire especially baked a cake for me! how stunning ! it was to divine and to beautiful , i didnt want to cut it! Thank you so much Claire for going to so much effort just for me! You are an amazng friend and it was such a stunning surprise to see all of you again, you really are wonderful and i cant tell you how much your friendship means to me, thank you!
We changed plans because of two tired boys - 1 teething with baby measels, yip our little Keaton, and the other just wanting to stay in the sandpit, yip our soldier Deqlan so we got Grandpa and Nan over to Moms house to celebrate her birthday in style! Nan was delighted to be out of the frail care home for the morning surrounded by those who love her dearly . She was very emotional listening to all the songs she loves and looking at photos - i gave Nan some chocolate coins as she loves the song , the 5 pennies - i told her with each one she needs to make a wish and the first one , we wished on was good health, shame, the tears welled up in her eyes and i was so happy i had found the coins to do something small that she would love. It was lovely to see you Darling Grandpa and Nan and again, i am honored to share my birthday with you Nan! Congrats on the fine achievement of turning 74, still as beautiful, young at heart and inspirational to us all!
God Bless , all our love and lots more news to follow
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Nanna and Grandpa said...

To Our Darling Samm,

We hope you truly enjoyed all your celebrations in honour of your 30th birthday this past weekend. The celebrations had the theme "YOU ARE LOVED" and it was a privilege for us to plan, implement and view your reaction to each surprise. We shall cherish the memories of the 4 days we had for eternity. Our greatest joy was in witnessing and experiencing with you your joy and you are a true miracle in our lives. The quote below from one of our cards will always serve to remind you of just how special you are and how much "you are loved":

My precious Samm, you are a wonderful and magnificent example of God’s love. God chose a very special way to show His loving care, A constant, sweet reminder that He always would be there.
He chose someone who’d help convey His warmth and tenderness,
His readiness to listen, His eagerness to bless,
His grace to love and His promises to personalize and actualize
God has reached me through YOU
For in YOU I have one of my most precious blessings

If I could take upon myself your “crosses” of all your fears, pain and challenges, I WOULD …. in a heartbeat. Since that decision is Gods’ alone, know that for my every heartbeat, I will always try to be the best kind of mother to you, and grandmother to Deqlan, to ensure I remain always deserving of your love and respect.


God took the strength of a mountain
The courage of Daniel
The majesty of an evergreen oak tree
The warmth of the summer sun
The beauty of a rose petal
The freshness of the cleansing rains
The calm & tranquility of a quiet sea
The generous soul of nature in full bloom
The comforting and restful nature of sleep
The power of the eagles’ flight
The joy of a child’s hearty laugh
The faith of the ability to move mountains
The patience of eternity
The love of an adoring mother
The hope of all God’s promises and belief in His word
The trust of an innocent child
The compassion of the “little flower of Jesus”, St Theresa
The dedication of a committed wife
The devotion of a loving daughter
The determination of St. John the Baptist
The radiance of a sunbeam
The glory of a victory
The wisdom and understanding of the Holy Spirit
The dignity and grace of the Virgin Mary

Then God combined these qualities
There was nothing more to add
He knew His masterpiece was complete
And so He sent her to join us 30 years ago
And we named her Samm
The mother, the wife, the daughter, the sister,
The grand-daughter, the aunt, the niece
The friend we all are honoured to love and know

You will never know how blessed we feel
That for you, God chose us as parents,
For having you as a daughter
Is to have a priceless and cherished gift to behold
For always and forever
To treasure like gold

May your future be as bright and beautiful as you are ! YOU ARE LOVED.

All Our Love,
Mom and Dee