Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hello Deqlans Army

Great news to start with is that the ultrasound looks normal, all looks great, praise Our Healing Lord ! Deqlan lay a lot stiller then what we imagined, but eventually started getting a bit irriatated lying down with sticky jelly over his tummy and back - but between Dada, Nanna and I singing, playing his favorite clips from Nanna's phone, we got him to lye still enough for the doc to say she was happy wth everything!

We meet other very important members of our army downstairs, all dressed in green, Meggie and Keaton! Sister Alida, suggested we try putting a needle in they normally use for drips as we needed alot of blood today with all the tests requested - the normal 3 monthly check tests, plus full blood count, another to check his infection rate, then another to check on the antibodies he already has and another to check on possible allergy to Gluten or Casein - 5 tubes! Deqlan was extremely upset during this process, mostly because we had to hold him down and keep him still- the room was so noisy and crammed with people - who wouldnt get adjitated, add a needle into the mix and you can imagine his frustration - thank goodness Sister Alida got the needle in first time, and we got the urine collection in the first bag ! It sometimes takes a few!

But, as always,Deqlan you are my hero and i am so very very proud of you , you did an amazing job this morning and we admire your strength and courage to have to go through the pricks and prodding every few months - we love you more then we could ever explain but will always attempt to show you , you are our world.

Thank you Darling Mom, Meggie and Keaton for being there for this round as you always are - your support , love, help with everything from entertaining Deqlan to encouraging Mark and I is something we will treasure always - we appreciate it more then you know and we are honored to have you with us, thank you so very very much from us all

We should have the results of the full blood count and check on infection some time this morning , not sure about the anitbodies and allergens, and we will have to wait for the others till we see Dr Dejager 21 November - please continue to pray for patience for us and peace and absolute trust, that these are all going to be normal and fine.

Shall let you know when we do, thank you so very very very much for your continued support and love and above all prayers for Deqlan, we are honored to have you a part of this journey and a part of Deqlans prayer army

God Bless have a lovely day
All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Caden Paul said...

So very glad the scans are clear. Deqlan, you certainly are the bravest little boy I know. Well done little soldier, you make us all, especially your parents, very proud! We'll keep praying for your results on the 21st!

God Bless
Elriza & Caden

Anonymous said...

Samm, my friend, what a relief to hear the scans are clear. I have been thinking about you all morning. Please give Deqlan a big cuddle from us for being the BRAVEST most COURAGEOUS boy I know...

Love you all lots

Sam, Don, Mia and Liam xxxx

Anonymous said...

Love the new photo!!!!!

Glad to hear all the scans went well as expected!!!!!!!!!!

Hope he is feeling better soon. Well done on being a brave strong boy!!!! Talking about a urine sample sounds so easy unless you a mother that needs your child to wee in a bag!!!!!! I have never had it first time....with jayden i even took it home and still did not get it right. after a lot of bags and me holding it there i finally got a wee in the bag!!!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.....
Debbie, Jayden and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Glad its all good news, well done brave Deqlan!!!!!

love jelenka

Ferreira Family said...

Congrats big brave soldier. You are the bravest little boy we know and we admire your strength.

We rejoice in the Lord with ypou guys. We are so glad the scans are clear.

God Bless & love to all.

Love US

Anonymous said...

dear Sam, Mark ,Deqlan Bev and family.
praise God he answers prayer ,we will continue to pray and trust GOd.
Love and prayers Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!! So glad to hear this wonderful news. We are still waiting for our results and hope very much to have good news tomorrow.

Hugs, hope, prayers and support,
Karen, Kate and crew