Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello Friends

I need to ask you for prayers for an extraordinary warrior, Christian NesSmith.

Christian has been fighting Neuroblastoma for almost 2 years now. She went into remission and sadly it returned a few months ago. Christian was sent home on hospice and she herself decided that she was done with treatment – and trusted God to take care of her and decided what her path was going to be. Now my friends, brave Christian is really in alot of pain and her family are battling to watch her suffer . They are such a devoted Christian family who continue to believe in the plans Our Lord has for them, even during this time. Please , please pray for Christian not to experience pain and for comfort and strength and guidance for her family. I know the family would love to get a message of support from us all

God Bless, love and prayers please for courageous Christian

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