Friday, October 2, 2009


For those of you who know me and see me often, you will know that these items are part of the "armour" i wear each day, my uniform. I am never ever without my livestrong bracelet - ever- not even to weddings does it come off, not even when i bath or sleep.Conrad gave us the first livestrong bracelet and it is priceless to me. Marks also has never ever come off his arm. I have gone through about 3 already as Mr Deqlan like to play with it! The gold bracelet is for CHOC - the South African Childhood cancer association, and the gold represents the colour that represents childhood cancer. Around my neck i ALWAYS have a cross , that Conrad and Meggie gave me before Deqlan was born, representing Jesus, Our Lord, and my love and adoration for Him, my thanks, my devotion. Then i have a star with Deqlans name and finger print on, from Megs and Conrad from my 30th Birthday, and the star sits on the cross, showing Jesus has got Deqlan in his arms, always and forever.
On my other hand i have a bracelet we got from the National Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation in the USA, personalised with Deqlans birthstone, the saphire, and the other is a bracelet my mom gave me with images of Our Lord and Holy Mother and some saints.

A Global Movement To End Cancer
By 2010, cancer is projected to become the leading cause of death worldwide. It’s a shocking and needless fact - 30 percent of cancers are preventable, and another one-third of cancers are treatable if detected early.
What if there was a global movement to show the huge personal impact of cancer, that pushed governments and other global decision-makers to take urgent action? What if people from around the world joined together to push for better treatment, more cancer funding and access to care for everyone? What might happen if ordinary people had the tools and the power to improve the lives of the 28 million cancer survivors around the world? That's the idea behind LIVESTRONG Action.
Cancer affects all of us. But the global fight against cancer -- the broad commitment to ensure prevention, treatment and care - lacks urgency and focus. When world leaders come together in major global forums like the G8, they make big plans to fight communicable diseases but rarely address cancer; There appears to be a huge funding gap globally between what we need to make a serious dent on cancer deaths and what the world is spending now; Many countries don't even have cancer control plans -- a key tool in the fight against cancer; and for some, the stigma associated with cancer is so great that people are too afraid to get essential screenings and care that they need.
If we're going to reduce the death and suffering caused by cancer -- starting now -- the people of the world have to take this issue into their own hands.
LIVESTRONG Action is a movement to do just that. We'll give you opportunities to take action globally, nationally and in your own neighborhood. We'll provide a platform to reach out to your leaders but also to friends, relatives and colleagues who have been affected by cancer to get them involved in the fight, and alert them to ways they can fight cancer in their own lives.
Together, we can make real progress toward a world without cancer. Please join us.
About the Lance Armstrong Foundation
At the Lance Armstrong Foundation, we fight for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today. There can be – and should be – life after cancer for more people. That’s why we kick in at the moment of diagnosis, giving people the resources and support they need to fight cancer head-on. We find innovative ways to raise awareness, fund research and end the stigma about cancer that many survivors face. We connect people and communities to drive social change, and we call for state, national and world leaders to help fight this disease. Anyone, anywhere can join our fight against cancer. Join us at

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