Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello Friends

Hope you are all very well! The year certainly has flown by and its that time again to start our annual Choc Pretoria Christmas present drive.

We will be recieving a list of name of kids in the Pretoria area who are fighting cancer , and will allocate a name to anybody who would be interested in contributing a gift to them. They request we work on R100 per gift so that each child gets something of similar value.

We have had fantastic success and assistance with our Christmas drives the last 2 years and we would love to be able to assist making Christmas extra special for the kids again this, and every year.

We know its been a really tough year on everyone, so we know its not always possible , but if you would like to assist, you welcome to contact me or Megs

God Bless, thank you , love
Megs and Samm


Ferreira Family said...

I think you should just automatically assign a name to me each year or two.....

We are in!


heidi said...

Hi Samm,
You can count us in for 2 gifts.
The Lambertons xxx