Thursday, October 1, 2009


Dada and Deqlan playing in the bubbles from the bubble machine we hired for Deqlans Birthday - DEQLAN LOVES BUBBLES, and has so many different ones to enjoy, but there were so many that came out this machine he was a little weary to get into them, so Dada was trying to tell him its ok but his feet were glued to the ground, to cute to watch!
Granny, Deqlan and Logan, such a lovely photo, all looking the same way!

one of the stunning gifts Deqlan recieved from Heidi, James, Hannah and Michael - a personalised book of prayers - the story features Deqlan as the main character, and supporting cast Logan and Keaton - it is to beautiful for words and it will be treasured for ever, thank you guys, its priceless
Deqlans own book of prayers

Some of the stunning gifts Deqlan recieved! Thanks so much to everyone for spoiling Deqlan rotten and for giving the best gift of friendship, love and prayers to Deqlan and to our family
A proud Dada and Deqlan

Cole enjoying his nap during all the festivities
Hannah and Deqlan enjoying the bubbles
Deqlan in his Thomas boardshorts sent by Debbie and Connor in Atlanta - thank you so much guys, he looked so handsome and cute
Ethans turn in the bubbles
Deqlan just arriving at his party and checking everything out
the beautiful cupcake trains Zeenat created for us - it was truly stunning, she put so much love and effort and time into making it just perfect, the photos dont do it justice. I cried when Zeenat delivered it - and then i cried some more because Deqlan couldnt eat any of it....but then Mark said would we want Deqlan talking and doing so well or would we want to take that all away for 5 minutes of him enjoying some sweets..i had my answer...and deqlan was actually so good around the cake - he did sneak a few bits of green icing of the cake, but we quickly took it away..and he was ok when we gave him some of his gluten free biscuits
The party table
Gorgeous Thomas and friends train cupcakes
The Thomas Grandpa made was centre stage of the party - holding the balloons that Debbie sent me from the UK - thanks so much Debbie for all the special Thomas decor you sent, i think it looked stunning and have kept so much of it for Deqlans scrap book of his 3rd birthday- i am so blessed that all my friends aroudn the world help make this party so special for Deqlan
Granny giving Deqlan his presents! He loved the truck - it had around 30 wheels - so you can imagine!
Me and my Nan, her first outing after coming home from the frail care centre- she is so much better for being home with Grandpa! What a proud great nan!
Philip, Nats and gorgeous Abigail!
Loren and Cutie Pie Kai!
Elriza and little monkey Caden enjoying the cake!
Heidi, James and baby Michael, to cute!
Peyton and Hannah enjoying Thomas!
Deqlan and his girlfriends, Hannah and Hannah! Deqlan actually chased blonde Hannah around the room trying to touch and hug her , he was so taken with her - poor little Hannah wasnt having it and resorted to eventually hiding under a chair! Poor girl then had to deal with Deqlan and Keaton trying to touch and hug her from under the chair - we laughed and laughed was so cute to see Deqlan interacting with a friend and laughing to!
Hannah and Keaton eagerly awaiting their piece of the cupcake train

Everyone enjoying the cake!
Deqlan loves sparklers so we sang happy birthday with sparklers then candles!
Our Gorgeous 3 year old
Deqlan and Mama - check what he is chewing on - a i am three badge
Keaton LOVES balloons!
Great Nanna, Great Grandpa, Grandpa and Nanna preparing balloons for the kids- i told you Nanna is a real life Mary Poppins!
Coreen, Lisa and Cole and Nats

Happy Great Nan
Deqlan and Nanna - boy did Deqlan keep Nanna busy - including a few kilometer run around our estate ! Deqlan actually coped so well with all the people- Nanna kept him calm and enjoying all the things he loves when he got a bit frustrated
Nanna, Deqlan & Mamma
The kids couldnt wait to get into the pool
Deqlan checking everything out
The cool ball pit castle we got, Logan and Caleigh especially enjoyed!
The party boxes! Thank you my love, meggie and Nanna for helping me create these, i think they looked so lovely!

Nanna helped me create Deqlans name and we even put rail road tracks on each letter - all we were missing from this party with the steam of the trains...

12 Sep was also Childhood cancer awareness day - so we released three gold balloons into the sky in honor of all the survivors, warriors and angels
NED balloons
Opening some presies, thank you all so much again!

Logs and Keaton in Thomas - Caleigh was doing the pushing this round - the three of them played late into the night in Thomas - thank you Dee for bringing so much joy to the kids!
Hello Cole!
Lisa and Coreen
Me and my boy
Gorgeous Reece - she kept us very entertained trying to say all the names of Thomas and his friends - her favorite was Skarloey- to cute!
The birthday boy!
Best friends - Caleigh and Logan - BFF'S !
I have a photo at home of these two when they were three- i cant believe how grown up they are now!
Deqlan, Meggi and Keaton throwing water balloons
Deqlan loves to say '1,2,3, Go!' then he throws the water balloon!
Supermodel in the making Peyton - was so lovely to see you girls!
Nanna entertaining the kids with water balloons - they had a ball- i think we must have gone through easy 100 balloons at this party

Mary Poppins with Keaton, Reece and Deqlan
Ethan enjoying some sand, yum!
Logs and Caleigh and Hannah filling water balloons
Deqlan fishing the balloons out our pool

Pretty girls Hannah and Reece
Meggie and Kai
Balloons Balloons everywhere!

Claire and Gorgeous Ethan


Debbie said...

Pleasure for the balloons , we so hoped to have come over for the party and bring more thomas train party goodies but well we cant always plan some things in our life!!!!

But looks like we should be going home on saturday, THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

Glad you all had fun and Deqlan so proud of you . I can imagine how hard it is too see cake and not eat it!!!! Well done mommy and daddy for being strong enough to stick to the diet!!! All worth it in the long run!!!

Big hug from the Bennimans!!!

Debbie said...

Outstanding birthday party pics Samm! Hard to believe he is 3 yrs. olds now isn't it? Deqlan looks so happy with all the decorations and fun things to do-and it sounds like he handled the guests very well too. I love seeing him in his board shorts-they look adorable on him as I knew they would. Happy Birthday Deqlan!!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

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