Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hello Deqlans Prayer army

Today 25 oct 09 Mark two years since Deqlans last chemotherapy treatment! Praise Our Lord! We continue to ask you for your continued prayers for Deqlan to remain NED always and forever. We are so very blessed that Deqlan continues to thrive and remain happy and healthy and well!

Our next 3 monthly check up happens middle of next month, we will do ultrasound, blood and urine and get results beginning Dec, and we continue to trust and already Thank Our Lord that they will remain perfectly normal !

We also ask for your prayer for Deqlan as we are going through another candida roller coaster. For the last week our little guy has not been himself and the red flags for candida started showing their ugly face- not only is Deqlan lining his toys up, but everything, and not one line, but several, his play room looks like a map book with all the lines. There is more toe walking, less language. More frustrations, more throwing of everything , more tantrums. Less eye contact, more wanting to stand on his head and be upside down. More chewing of everything Deqlan can get in his mouth to take his frustration out on. More hitting out of frustration. We eventually got Dr Lindenberg to prescribe diflucan again, but this time, its a 200mg dose per day- thats four times the previous doses Deqlan has had - with diflucan, we should see a die off reaction as the candida explodes and spills its toxins out, Deqlan could/should become more irritable, shocking nappies, less sleep to name a few , and this is a good sign its working - but we have never had it - so the strength was probably not strong enough for Deqlans 10 to the power of 8 candida - so the big guns are going in now, and we pray that its not to tough on Deqlan and that we can get rid of this dam candida for good - please pray hard that Deqlan has minimal side effects but that the medication does its job for once and for all.

You know Candida is a problem, when your daughter, thinks thats the country where Debbie comes from....

Deqlan still continues to be the joy and light of our lives and has learnt to count to 20! In two days! He has also seemed to get back to himself since writing the beginning of the blog and is also saying choir and sore tonight. He is so much calmer tonight then when i started this post this morning so you must have know we needed the prayers!

Debbie, Aunty Elaine, Dee and Mom are back tomorrow after spending 5 days in stunning cape town - they had an awesome time and got to experience, what i think is the most beautiful part of our country- which included many whale sightings - cant wait to take Deqlan , hopefully next year!! We have lots of photos which i would love to share with you during the course of the week when i am able to!

Please pray for our little friend Kate Jacobs as she goes for her 2 years off treatment scans this week, please pray she continues to remain NED forever and always!! All our love and prayers and support to you Karen and family, and to you precious Kate especially!

We off to sleep now, with our calm, beautiful , gorgeous blessing, Deqlan
God Bless, thank you for all the prayers
Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


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