Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Debs is going home

We have just had a very unwanted surprise call after hearing that Debbies Hubby Jeff, has just called to ask if we realised that Debbie is not leaving on Thursday night as we all thought, but tommorow night at 0045 - we all, and i mean ALL of us for some reason thought it was Thursday night/Friday morning not Wednesday night/Thursday morning...so we are so sad and heartsore to hear that the 2 more full days we thought we had has now been cut down to one...so much to do, to say, to share, to laugh about and such little time...

Debs, its been so amazing and wonderful having you here.I am so thankful for the amazing memories which i will treasure always, for getting to you know and your lovely family through all the photos and video clips and stories you so proudly shared with us.

Debs, you are more then a step sister to me, you are a sister and i cant tell you how much we are going to miss you, i already miss you and we still have tommorow together....

I cant thank you enough for all the beautiful gifts and for helping me with so many of my requests for Canada, thanks for all the very special gifts which will remind us of you every single day

Thank you for getting to know us and Deqlan and Logan and Keaton especially and for putting so much love and effort in the time you where around them - they all love you and are going to miss you to

I hope you enjoyed every moment of your stay, that the memories you have off our family, the kids, the times in the jacuzzi, the poo poo net, the farm, the elephants and monkeys, the giraffes and rhino and even the bee's, the braais, the drosty hof, the potjie, bennie and otto, the whales and even our chats will go with you and stay with you always

Have a safe trip back Debs and Aunty Elaine - it was so lovely to meet you to Aunty Elaine, thank you for being so kind and caring and loving and sweet! I cant thank you enough for your love, prayers, support and for just being there for us. Please give Jeff, Darren, Jared, Daniel, Jessie,Lindsey and Lana, Andrew, Tracey, Damian and Chenya and the dogs to , all our love and very best wishes. I really , really hope that we can come and visit you one day very very soon and i really pray that we can all be reunited again in Canada or in South Africa.

We miss you so very much Debs, things are not going to be the same without you here....i am so sad and heartsore to have to say good bye so i wont, but will rather say, see you later, and as Deqlan would say SEE SEE

God Bless, all our love and all our thanks for the amazing time together, miss you so much
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

p.s- cant wait to do another post with pics and stories on your time here with us! Everyone keep checking in for some stunning photos that Debs took - the new photo on our blog is thanks to Debs, i will treasure it always

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The Preister's said...

it is always sad with our friends and family have to leave...and even worse when it is before we are ready!! enjoy those last memories!